Super soil recipe for growing marijuana

Published Jan 25, 2019 03:42 p.m. ET

Cannabis super soil is an organic medium that is full of all-natural ingredients that will help a pot plant to thrive. All true cannabis super soils are organic and start with plant-based ingredients using compost, peat moss, and an aerating agent. That, however, is where the simplicity ends, and things get a bit more complex. Here we will explain how to make not only the base of a good soil mix for cannabis but also how to produce beneficial fungi and bacteria that will continue to slowly and naturally fertilize your plant throughout its entire lifespan

Soil recipe for indoor cannabis

While technically this cannabis super soil can be used outdoors as well. To be the most beneficial as a good soil mix for cannabis plants, cannabis super soil is used mainly when growing indoors. This is an entirely organic super soil recipe and only requires a few essential ingredients to get started.

Ingredients for cannabis super soil base

  • Compost
  • Perlite
  • Peat moss

Ingredients for fungi production

  • ¼ cup of kelp meal
  • ¼ cup of humic acid
  • ¼ cup of Mycorrhizal
  • Water

Ingredients to establish good bacteria

  • Worm castings aka vermicompost
  • Guano (produced by bats)


  1. Mix even parts of all three ingredients on whatever scale is required to produce enough cannabis super soil for your needs. Once done you will have a base of healthy soil.

  2. Microbiology plays a considerable role in establishing a healthy source of nutrients for a marijuana plant to feast on through the various stages of growth. Fungi specifically will develop a relationship with the cannabis plants rooting system giving it an extra boost since you are trying to produce as much food as possible for your plants to feast on. To do this mix a solution of ¼ cups of kelp meal, ¼ cup of humic acid, ¼ cup of Mycorrhizal inoculant, and five gallons of water. This can be used to prepare the cannabis super soil before planting and for regular watering up until the flowering stage.

  3. Now you need to focus on raising the good bacteria present in your organic super soil. Good bacteria will aid a marijuana plants ability to break down sugars and convert them into nutrients. They also play a role in the cannabis plants initial establishment of its immune system making them more resistant to some of the most common cannabis pests. To increase the positive bacteria population in your soil, add up to 20% worm castings and up to 5% of bat guano. Any more than that has the potential to burn the plant.

  4. Add extra strength to your cannabis super soil using micro or macronutrients. This can be done by using any one or more of the following soil amendments.

  • Bloodmeal produces high levels of nitrogen.
  • Bonemeal adds a healthy dose of calcium and phosphorus
  • Epsom Salts are full of magnesium.
  • Rock Phosphate is phosphorus.
  • Crustacean Meal is packed full of essential nutrients like nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium.
  • Dolomite Lime can help to maintain a consistent ph balance and adds a dose of magnesium to your organic super soil.
  • Azomite is full of micronutrients that are long-lasting.
  • Bio Char or Wood Ash will add potassium to the soil mix.


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