How to make THC gummies

Published Jan 28, 2019 05:28 p.m. ET

 If you love gummy candies, thank Hans Riegel, inventor of the original gummy. They're a great candy snack, but with marijuana, we can make them even better! Quality is essential when choosing gummies. It is imperative that you select manufacturers that use a CO2 extraction for producing their CBD. This is a costly method— one that should be your first choice in selecting a manufacturer.  Some manufacturers still use harsh solvent methods. This can leave chemical residue on the plant form. This could be transferred to your product. Dangerous and unhealthy, not for the health-conscious users of the cannabis.

Here are some benefits for consuming the gummies. First,we must mention convenience; they’re easy to carry with you during the day. They are also great for the anxiety that any day might bring, they can produce excellent pain relief.  Besides the wonderfultaste of gummies, they may assist with depression who would not like a gummy to brighten up the day. The CBD gummy will not produce a psychotic high feeling.

Weed gummies are great for pain relief. A CBD gummy provides no high but will wash you over with a wonderful relaxed feeling. Edibles are a great way to ingest this beneficial cannabinoid.  The side effects of CBD are low. One may enjoy the gummy to ease the sensations associated with stopping smoking. These little bears could guide you down the path to nonsmoking in a much more relaxed manner.

Remember these are edibles and do take time to react on your self. Effects have been felt in as little as 20 minutes; I think I would support the closer to an hour theory. It depends on your tolerance.

If you like gummy weed bears, remember the same principles apply to them, that apply to all edibles. Start with a low dose. Wait a good amount of time to feel the effects. Increase your dose accordingly, and you will enjoy the effects of your weed gummies.

Let's move on to making these scrumptious goodies. The procedure whether infused with CBD or THC is the same. It’s the effects that are a bit different.

Here are the ingredients you will need:

  1. large pack of flavored jelly cubes

1 ½ cups of juice

¼ cup of your best cannabis infused coconut oil

½ cup of honey

4 packets of gelatine


A small pinch of cornstarch

Step 1: We will need a saucepan a bowl and of course molds for our bears. I prefer the silicone molds. Easier to extract the gummies or bears from the pan.

Step 2: Combine the oil, jelly cubes honey and 1 cup of your juice in your saucepan. Use a low heat setting making sure that you keep stirring.

Step 3: Now in a separate bowl mix your gelatin and the remainder of your juice till it is a nice smooth texture.  

Step 4: It is time to combine both vessels into one.  We will add the gelatin mixture to the saucepan, let us cook on low for about 5 minutes. Be mindful to keep whisking the mixture all the time.

Step 5: We are ready to pour the mixture into our silicone molds. Allow your molds to cool on the counter-top.

Step 6: Now we will move them to the fridge to set. Once set you may want to dust them in the cornstarch to prevent them from sticking together.

Step 7: Whoa, look what you have: gummies to enjoy at any time. These candies when kept in the fridge, will last a long time if you don’t eat them all.

Remember to be responsible with your gummies and ENJOY!

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