How to make CBD butter

Published Jun 5, 2019 10:20 a.m. ET
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Marijuana has helped many people combat some of their most nagging health conditions. The problem you may be facing is that you do not like to smoke or vape your marijuana. Naturally, the next method of consumption you are going to try is to eat your medicine. Edibles are a discreet and convenient way to administer your medicine. CBD butter can be added to your food. Use the CBD butter as a substitute for the regular butter that you use in your recipes daily. It is important to remember that CBD butter will cook off if you heat it more than 350F, this is important to remember when adding to any recipes. Cooking over that will degrade your medicine, and it will not perform the medicinal or recreational use you are looking for.

Keeping that in mind, lets’ start the process of making your CBD butter.


• 2 cups of butter
• 1 cup of spring water
• 20ML CBD oil

Equipment needed
• Stove top
• Knife
• Small Pot
• Silicone spatula
• Airtight glass labeled container
• Labels


  1. Cut your butter into small squares
  2. Add the butter, water and CBD oil to a small pan
  3. Place the pan on low heat, let simmer for 2 hours (keep in mind not to cook out the CBD). This requires you to maintain a low heat
  4. Remove the pan from the heat
  5. Stir and pour into a labeled glass airtight container for storage
  6. Refrigerate the glass container and your butter is ready for use as you would regular butter

The preparation time for this amazing recipe is 6 minutes.

The cooking time is 2 hours.


The serving will amount to two cups of CBD infused butter.

MCT oils tincture that are infused with CBD are handy CBD products to keep in your kitchen. CBD products can be a healthy part of your daily diet. The CBD contains needed Omega 3 oils and amino acids, perfect for daily health needs. CBD wax is another alternative for providing you with the beneficial and healing CBD. CBD wax does contain a minute amount of the psychoactive THC. A vessel used for consuming CBD wax is a dabbing or vape pen. This involves putting your CBD wax onto a heated coil in your dabbing pen. The CBD will be inhaled through the mouthpiece of your pen. The heat from the coil vaporizes the CBD wax, which then allows you to inhale and enjoy the benefits.

This method of consumption is quick acting. Each person can enjoy their own dosage. The rule of dabbing is to start off slow and increase the dosage when you have a grip on the effects that you are looking for. Be patient, and you will enjoy the benefits that CBD wax will produce. CBD is a legal product and will not get you high. However, this amazing compound of the cannabis plant can have positive, encouraging effects for treating conditions such as diabetes, arthritis, and pain control. The production of this compound is from the extraction of the hemp plant. CBD, when extracted from the plant, will contain minimal amounts of THC.

Cannabis cream is another amazing product capable of helping to treat ailments that can spread from eczema, arthritic pain, and muscle aches. The aging boomers are gravitating towards using cannabis creams for the ailments they are experiencing. This method of achieving relief for their pain is much preferred over smoking their medication. Many boomers choose not to smoke for various reasons and applying a cannabis cream is the better and safer option for them. Most cannabis cream applications are derived from the infusion of CBD. However, there are creams that deliver the THC kick feel.

• THC infused lip balms will provide a high feeling just by licking your lips
• THC personal lubricant for women can relax the vagina an increase the sexual pleasure provided when ingested during sexual pleasures

However, you choose to consume your CBD, do it safely and enjoy the rewarding health benefits from this amazing plant we know as cannabis.

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