How to deep fry a pot leaf to perfection

Published Nov 11, 2019 01:00 p.m. ET
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Cannabis lovers do all kinds of things with the weed leaf to celebrate the plant including making jewelry, creating fantastical nail art, decorating clothes, and in general using it as a statement of choice. So far, we have touched on eating raw cannabis, how to make edibles, and how to decarboxylate weed so that it is active and ready to use to make all kinds of other marijuana products.

However, this latest trend has customers raving about the experience, and it’s an odd one that you won’t find just anywhere. In fact, so far, a handful of select LA restaurants are the only ones brave enough to add such an exotic item to their menu, and they even gave it a fancy name, calling it Tempura Marijuana Leaves. They even go so far as to offer CBD salt as a topping choice for an extra special addition to the dish.

Why would you want to deep fry a marijuana leaf?

Most consumers tout cannabis as a miracle medicinal plant that is purely used for good, even when those partaking are merely getting high, and the addition of a fatty layer seems sort of out of place in this all-natural, health-focused industry. However, it seems the addition makes a significant difference in taste.

As most who have tried edibles can attest to, they all have a noticeable earthy cannabis taste, but a deep-fried weed leaf is compared to a flavorful green salad by customers who have tried it prepared this way. It seems that something about younger, more mature leaves that have been super-heated results in a delicious flavor that you wouldn’t expect from eating just any marijuana leaf.

Will a deep-fried weed leaf get you high?

Unfortunately, traveling all the way to LA might not be worth it if you are hoping to get high, as the deep-fried weed leaf menu item served up in restaurants is made using a special list of rules that include harvesting large fresh and immature fan leaves that contain little to no THC. The remaining cannabinoids are evaporated during the cooking process, so eating one here won’t get you high.

Making one at home might be a little bit different depending on which kinds of leaves you are using, how mature they are, the strain that they come from, and essentially how much THC is in them, to begin with. It doesn’t take much to get a consumer with a low tolerance high, however, it is pretty safe to say that most experienced consumers would never feel anything from eating a deep-fried pot leaf.

How to deep fry a pot leaf

A conventional deep fryer is most certainly the easiest way to make a deep-fried weed leaf, but you can also use a regular deep saucepan and cooking oil in a pinch.



  • Tempura batter (boxed and prepared according to instruction or from scratch)
  • Cannabis leaves


  1. Heat up the oil as you prepare the tempura batter.

  2. Once the oil is hot, coat weed leaf in a hearty coating of tempura batter then drops them into the oil.

  3. Cook the marijuana leaf for 1 minute per side, flipping halfway through.

  4. Remove the fried pot leaf from the deep fryer and allow it a minute to cool.

  5. Salt the weed leaf then take a big bite.

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