Everything you should know about CBD gummies

Published Feb 12, 2019 10:50 a.m. ET
CBD gummies are a fan favorite CBD edible that helps with anxiety, pain, and stress. Queasiness and inflammation have also been reported as being reduced when CBD gummies are eaten.

When purchasing edibles online, it is a good practice to check on the companies’ legitimacy. If buying online check the web site for:

• 100% organic
• No synthetic solvents or chemicals
• Products are all-natural CBD
• 100% satisfaction guaranteed (with a refund if unhappy with the product)
• Complete transparency of the company should be on their website

CBD edibles are a discreet way of administering CBD. Eating CBD gummies allows the active compounds to be absorbed through the digestive system, efficient and easy. Gummies are faster and longer lasting than CBD oils and often a single dose in the morning is all that is needed.

CBD gummy bears are full of CBD goodness and no THC. CBD gummies are a product of hemp oil. They are non-psychoactive. Hemp is legal and has fewer cannabinoids than regular cannabis does. This forces some manufacturers to process huge amounts of the hemp plant at a time to ensure higher levels of CBD in the extract. The process that is used by some manufacturers in the extraction is the use of harsh solvents, hexane, and butane. This is an effective method but can leave the final product with unwanted chemical residues. So, it is important to choose reputable manufacturers who use CO2 extraction in their process for obtaining the most CBD from the raw hemp plant. This will ensure a safe, therapeutic potent product.

CBD is thought to interact with the bodies endocannabinoid system to relieve pain and help as an anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic compound.

Here is a list of some great CBD gummies for you to try:

  1. Green Roads CBD Gummies ($18.00- $55.00) high-quality CBD products. The gummies come in froggies, bears and men shapes.
  2. PureKana CBD Vegan Gummies ($33.00) is a very trustworthy company their transparency provides safe, healthy third-party products.
  3. Hemp Bombs claim to have the strongest CBD gummies on the market. Reportedly they are not the best taste but do have a positive effect on anxiety chronic pain and insomnia. A five-count bag will cost you around $15.00 a 60-count bag could run around $120.00
  4. Diamond CBD Chill Gummies ($14.00) If you like sour gummies here, they are. These CBD gummy bear edibles are infused with Hemp CBD and have an excellent flavor along with overall therapeutic effectiveness.

Perhaps you would like to make your own CBD candy if you choose to make CBD gummies here is a simple recipe to follow:

• CBD oil 100mg per 1ml serving (3000mg tincture)
• Tart lemon juice concentrate
• Raw organic honey
• Gummy mold pan
• Gelatin

Method for making CBD edibles:

• Heat the tart lemon juice in a pan, keep it at a slight simmer
• Whisk in the gelatin and organic honey
• Turn the heat off from under the pan and add 2 ml of CBD Oil, give the mixture a final whisk
• Divide the mixture among the molds and place molds on a cookie sheet in the fridge to chill. Wait about an hour for the molds to chill properly.
• Remove gummies from the mold, the gummies can be stored in the fridge for up to ten days in a sealed glass container.

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