Cannabis-infused honey recipe

Published Feb 26, 2019 00:42 a.m. ET

Cannabis infused honey

There are some preparations needed to render marijuana as a recreational or medicinal product. A very important process is a term called decarboxylation. If you skip this process, you will not have activated the cannabinoids.  To activate the marijuana, we need to bake it. This is accomplished by heating the marijuana in a 220 F oven for 40 mins on a cookie sheet, rotate the marijuana to cook it evenly. You now have activated your marijuana and will feel the effects when used for infusions and tinctures for your cooking needs.

Will the THC infused honey get you buzzed?

It could, depending on the strain of marijuana and its THC content. If the marijuana that you use is CBD dominant for medical uses, you will not get buzzed.

Honey infused weed, both honey and weed have been used medicinally for years. Honey was used back in 7000 BC for aiding in the healing of sores and ulcers. It has incredible anti-inflammatory qualities. Honey also can destroy most bacteria and pathogens.  Combining the two into a healing tincture makes perfect sense to aid in speeding up the healing process.

Marijuana also has been used medicinally for hundreds of years. The anti-inflammatory qualities, pain management, insomnia, mental health issues, and many more medical complaints make the use of marijuana as a healing plant.

Cannabis honey recipe

So, let's move on to infusing the honey

Items that you will need:

• Cheesecloth
• Slow cooker
• Honey
• Decarboxylated weed


Step 1 - Moving on, we will be making a large weed bag. It will resemble a large teabag.

Step 2 - You will place the carefully tied cheesecloth come weed-bag into the slow cooker.

Step 3 - Now add your honey to the cooker — the less honey the increased potency. I recommend 500g to 2K of honey, again depending on how potent you want the honey to will dictate the amount.

Step 4 - Set the dial on the cooker to low; you do not want an overcooked boiling mess.

Step 5 - Let this bundle of sweet joy simmer for 6-8 hours, be watchful if it gets too hot turn off the cooker for a bit, then, return it to low and continue cooking.

Step 6 - The cooking is complete, and we now need to cool the mixture. Remove the weed bag, squeeze all the goodness out of the bag. Take care not to burst the bag and introduce the plant material to the honey.

Step 7 - Now, you are ready to divide your tincture into airtight glass containers. They will then be ready for long term storage and can stay in the fridge.

Perhaps you would like to smoke the honey on your weed; you like the idea that your blunt will burn slower. Your weed may last a bit longer. Those of us that toke and enjoy a sweet tasting blunt will also benefit from the addition of honey to our blunt. If you want to enjoy your honey on weed or your THC infused honey, why not double up and use your THC infused honey to seal your THC blunt or joint?

Well, I’m off to roll a joint full of the smell and taste of honey that twinkles with a THC coating and a psychedelic high. Remember to indulge responsibly and enjoy!

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