Beginner steps for making edibles

Published Feb 18, 2019 06:56 p.m. ET
Wondering what the beginner steps for cooking with weed are? Read on for some easy tips and tricks related to preparing edibles your first few times. 

Let's move right into the kitchen for our homemade edibles. There are so many ways for cooking with weed that is going to perk up those taste buds. If you are a baker there are lots of different methods of baking with marijuana that will have your guests begging for seconds.

A very important thing to remember when we are making our homemade edibles is that we will not be having our marijuana edibles lab tested for the dose. Keeping that in mind, don’t rush take your time for safety.

We need to prepare an oil base for our cookie edibles. If you choose to use butter that’s fine also, both are prepared in the same way.

When it comes to ingredients, the strain of the weed you use is important. Pick one with rich terpenes in their profile for the best health benefits you will get from the oil. Try not to pick a strain that is over the top in THC level, you’re looking for one about 15-18%.

A couple of strains with lower THC that are suggested for making your oil are:

Girl Scout Cookie CBD 8% THC 15% CBD
Killer Grape 14% THC

The type of oil you choose should be high-fat content marijuana is not water soluble. You might like to try coconut oil canola oil or even olive oil. Canola oil has a higher boiling point or smoking point than does the coconut or olive oil.

Here are the steps to make your base oil/butter

Step 1 - Grind the weed using a professional grinding machine you bought at the head shop. Or just put it in the coffee grinder. Take care not to grind it fine.

Step 2 - Mixing the oil and bud a ratio of 3 parts oil to 1 bud should do.


Step 3 - We now are going to heat our mixture in the pot. Careful with the heat we do not want to scratch the weed. Sometimes adding a little water will stop the bud from scorching. Mix you frequently to avoid burning and to keep an eye on the pot, so it does not boing over.

Step 4 - Strain the mixture while it is hot but yet still comfortable for you to handle is the best way. Try using cheesecloth it works better than the coffee filter approach.
Cover a bowl with several layers of cheesecloth. Secure it on the bowl with an elastic band. Now you are ready to pour the mixture onto the cheesecloth and into the bowl.

Step 5 - Storing your oil in an airtight glass container is the best way to preserve it. Keep it in a cool dark spot maybe in that old cold cellar down in the basement. No- no not junior’s room the cold cellar I said. Your oil should last you about 90 days or so.

Mistakes to look-out for when making edibles

Lastly here are a few common mistakes to look out for when making edibles.

• Do not grind you cannabis too fine
• You can not cook with raw cannabis (although you can juice it)
• You can add water when doing the infusion whether it is oil or butter infusion
• Test the potency of your homemade infused oil. Try tasting a teaspoon, wait about an hour see what effects you are feeling.
• Make sure that you evenly distribute the oil into your recipe stir very well.

So now you have the basic ingredient for cooking with weed, baking with marijuana and the secret to your homemade edibles. It's in the infused oil/butter.

Remember to use it wisely. Edibles take up to an hour for their effect so go slow and enjoy my friend.

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