Bath salts infused with marijuana

Published May 7, 2019 11:22 a.m. ET
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Cannabis topicals like bath bombs will not give you a psychedelic high. However, the high you may feel is from the interaction with your CB2 receptors.  Benefits can be felt from the soothing and pain decreasing effects. Muscular and neuropathic pain and inflammation can also be addressed with marijuana bath bombs.

Everyone feels and experiences the effects of cannabis differently.  Soaking in a bath for 20 minutes is the best way for calming those aches and pains. THC and CBD have equal but different medicinal effects.

Lavender baths will soothe you while reducing those stressful feelings.

Chamomile will alleviate anxiety.

PSTD can be relieved with the use of orange essential oils.

Below is a wonderful marijuana bath salt combination you may enjoy, to relieve muscle pain and soreness, tension and help to increase needed blood flow.

• Eight grams of weed
• Essential oil perhaps lemon, coconut or a wonderful spice aroma
• Cheesecloth
• Epsom salts could be scented
• Coconut oil
• Lemon/orange zest

We need to decarboxylate our weed.

• Pre-heat oven 210 degrees
• Spread the grinded herb evenly on a cookie sheet
• Bake for 40 min
• Remove from oven, this is your decarboxylated weed or activated weed

Now we have the main ingredient for our marijuana bath salt; lets begin to put it together

  1. Combine cannabis and 8 to 10 tablespoons of coconut oil stir on low heat for about an hour.
  2. Put your zest into a glass jar which will hold your oil
  3. Strain your oil into the zest jar
  4. Add your essential oils and stir
  5. Add your Epsom salts and stir the mixture

You now have your finished product marijuana bath salts.

Pour your bath add a couple of ounces to your bath water, slip in and enjoy. You will not get highlike you do when you are smoking the marijuana plant, but you will enjoy the blissful chill and moisture body soak. Some experts believe that marijuana infused bath salts are beneficial for skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis. An added benefit to women who use these products is a warning that some products carry, informing them that they may get a little “high” due to exposure.

There are many products on the market to indulge your tired body in if you choose not to make your cannabis bath salts. Marijuana bath salts will provide relief from those sore,tired muscles or that inflammation in that shoulder joint. The anti-inflammatory qualities of the marijuana plant is a means of rejuvenating your body.

Here are some beautiful bath salts you might consider when doing your cannabis shopping.

  1. Yoni Cannabis Bath Soak

A perfect combination of Magnesium and Sulfate and Cannabis. 300mg of THC and 50 mg CBD provides relief for tired and sore muscle with relief of PMS and menstrual issues. $24.00

  1. Miss Envy Bath Bomb

Provides three delicious scents Lemon-lime, Sweet Orange and Rosemary Lavender One soak provides 50mg of THC for a total body relaxation with no psychoactive effects. $12.00

I hear the bath water running, grab your candle and your favorite strain of marijuana to enjoy while in your bath.

May I suggest Mr. Nice this delicious strain will provide a wonderfully sweet and fruity taste that attacks those tired muscles and body strains from a hard day at work. Enjoy!

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