3 Different ways to make cannabis-infused smores

Published Jul 1, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Now that camping season is upon us, it’s time to pull out the biggest and best smores recipes out there and to top it off, we are also going to show you how each one of these incredible cooking options can be infused with powerful cannabinoids like CBD or THC.

1. Fire

This is the easiest, best, and most well-known method of making these desserts, but infusing smores that are cooked this way can be a challenge for sure, which is why we highly recommend that you start with some cannabis-infused chocolate. That way, you can make them in a matter of minutes while you’re sitting around the campfire, without having to attempt any precise cooking or infusing without a consistent and reliable temperature to do it with.

  1. Roast a marshmallow overtop of a fire until it is golden brown.

  2. Prepare 2 graham crackers and top one of them with a nice layer of weed chocolate.

  3. Squish the crackers together in a sandwich, and the pressure will distribute the heat and melt the chocolate, after which you enjoy it!

2. Oven

Smores bars are typically made in the oven because once everything melts together, it’s kind of difficult to keep a bunch of individual smores apart from each other. So, if you’re going to make smores in the oven, be prepared for a massive magical chunk of sticky and sugary sweetness that will need to be sliced into individual servings.

  1. Grab a deep dish baking pan and line the bottom of it with graham crackers.

  2. Now you can either use cannabis-infused chocolate or just regular old chocolate that is gently drizzled with cannabis oil for the next layer.

  3. Next, is the layer of marshmallow, so line the baking pan with the white fluffy treats flat side down so that they don’t roll around, and make sure to pack it full.

  • At this point, if you want something that’s really sweet, you can add another layer of chocolate, or you can skip right through to the final graham cracker top. Make sure to line them up so that the edges meet, otherwise, it will be hard to handle the smores by hand when they’re done.

  • Bake the smores bars in the oven at 425°F for 5 minutes, and then they’ll be ready to eat.

  • 3. Stovetop smores dip

    If you aren’t a fan of burnt marshmallow bits, and you also don’t like the idea of a layered smores bar that’s made in the oven, then maybe the stovetop smores dip is the best option for you. This way, you can ensure that the white fluffy marshmallow fluff isn’t scalded at all, and you can adjust how much you get in each mouthful, because, with this one, the crackers are served cold on the side, rather than being melted together.

    1. Add 1 tablespoon of cannabutter to a small cast iron pan, and then slowly allow it to melt over low heat.

    2. Once it all turns to liquid, add 1 cup of your preferred chocolate to the pan and let it melt, stirring the mixture frequently to avoid chunks and burning.

    3. Eventually, the chocolate will turn to a liquid, and at that point remove it from the burner and light a torch.

    4. Gently brown the marshmallow layer by holding a lit culinary torch approximately 6 inches from the surface, and once it turns golden brown, it’s ready to serve up with a side of graham crackers for a unique smores treat.

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