Zèle Brings Classic Root Beer Flavour To Ontario, With Sarsaparilla Indica Craft Soda

Published Nov 28, 2022 12:31 p.m. ET
Source: Bubble Bud Inc.


EDMONTON - NOVEMBER 28, 2022 – Just in time for the holiday season, a winter beverage with a twist hits store shelves this fall in Ontario. Bubble Bud Inc., the licensed producer behind Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages announces the imminent drop of Sarsaparilla Indica Craft Soda, a smooth, full-flavoured Root Beer, available to retailers on November 24th.

With hints of refreshing wintergreen and spices, this is far, far from your grandad’s old timey sarsaparilla. Handbrewed and infused with 10mg tasteless THC, this full-spectrum craft soda reminds you of a certain root beer best served in frosty mugs.

“We’re tapping into the smooth and iconic flavour of old school root beer and are excited to add an indica soda to our collection in Ontario. It’s a classic addition to any evening.” says Callum Hanton, Co-founder.

Using a proprietary infusion method, Zèle craft-brewed sodas stand out as the only ‘tasteless’ cannabis drink on the Canadian market, providing a tasty one-of-a-kind full-spectrum experience for consumers.  Zèle is a natural, full-spectrum experience for those looking for something sweet, discreet, and non-inhalable.  This unique offering is available now through Ontario Cannabis Store (OCS) and select retailers.

About Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages

Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages are the most delicious cannabis sodas you'll never taste. It’s just pure craft soda flavour and tasteless, full-spectrum cannabis extract. Founded and formulated by two young Canadian entrepreneurs, Zèle is French for ‘Zeal’ - the power that drives their passion for soda perfection and commitment to craft a deliciously chill experience for all to enjoy, day or night. Using proprietary cannabis technology, Zèle expertly infuses full-spectrum cannabis extracts into handbrewed craft sodas, with no bitter aftertaste.

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About Bubble Bud Inc.

Bubble Bud Inc. is a Canadian licensed producer of craft-brewed cannabis beverages based in Edmonton, Alberta. Through industry-leading, innovative cannabis-infusion technology, Bubble Bud is elevating the consumer experience with high-quality beverages formulated and handbrewed by experienced artisans. Zèle Cannabis-Infused Craft Beverages, owned by Bubble Bud Inc., is a brand that is making waves in the marketplace, raising the bar in Canada with sativa and indica soda flavours in glass bottles that are easy to recycle.

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