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Toronto, ON, July 23rd, 2022 On Saturday, July 23rd, from 7:00 pm to 1:00 am, GreenPort Cannabis, Diversity Talk and S.E.E.D Initiative, three Black-owned cannabis companies, will launch the first Toronto Carnival Party Bus. This event will bring local artists and social media personalities to the Caribana steel pan yards and mas camps, allowing their followers to get a behind-the-scenes look at the action. The local community will be invited to join the Party Bus as we travel to the mas camps to interact, eat, and dance with the bands, revellers and the community.

The following factors inspired these three companies to collaborate to create this initiative:

  • Spearhead a collaboration with Black-owned cannabis companies, Toronto Carnival, Ontario Steelpan Association & the community
  • Provide an opportunity to speak directly to the community about cannabis, cannabis use and business ownership
  • Increase public awareness of the history & work being done at Mas Camps
  • Expand the reach of carnival through social media/media coverage
  • Provide a unique & fun pre-carnival experience

As cannabis company owners in the legal cannabis industry, we understand the numerous barriers to entry. We also understand that information is frequently not shared within underrepresented communities. As a result, when interacting with the community on the day of the event, our goal is to provide education about cannabis use, its benefits, and risks; share information on working in the cannabis industry; and, most importantly, respond to questions about business ownership.

The Carnival Party Bus provides a unique and authentic way to reach out to the Black and Caribbean communities, which were heavily targeted during the war on drugs. The organizers are members of this community and understand the additional barriers that result from unfair and unjust policing and sentencing policies in Toronto and across Canada.

As cannabis business owners and community members, we hope that by bringing this initiative to the community in such a personalized manner, we can become a beacon of support and encouragement.

How to Support Us?

Support us by inviting us to speak about this event, in advance of the date, through your media platform.

Support us by having a team present on July 23rd at one of the stops to capture this positive initiative that will bring the community and cannabis companies together in a way that has never been done before.

Support us to change the negative narrative and start reinforcing the positive work done within the Black and Caribbean communities regarding cannabis use and the work being done to spearhead these initiatives.

When: Saturday, July 23

Time: 7PM-1AM

The route of the Carnival Party Bus is on page (3) of this document.

Who: Organizers + Local Artists/Social Media Personalities

The organizers are listed below. The local artists and social media personalities on the bus are attached.

GreenPort Cannabis: GreenPort is founded by Vivianne Wilson, an independent cannabis-based company and cannabis retail store in Canada. Vivianne is proud to bring her Jamaican culture to Canadian cannabis, using the plant as a vehicle to unite communities. At GreenPort, we’re taking cannabis back to the roots. Back to community, consciousness, and integrity.  At GreenPort, we’re building a community from the ground up. Where every single person that has been on their own journey, can join us and know that they belong. Welcome to GreenPort!  | Instagram: @greenportstore

DiversityTalk: DiversityTalk is a Black-owned, female-led consultancy founded by Ika Washington that serves as the “plug between corporate, cannabis/health, and community." DiversityTalk works closely with marginalized, racialized, and vulnerable communities to engage with them and use a more tailored approach to achieve equity, diversity, and inclusion. We work in industries focused on engagement, implementation, and advocacy for social responsibility, DEI, and anti-racism. | Instagram: @diversitytalk

S.E.E.D Initiative: The Cannabis S.E.E.D. Initiative was developed with the framework of holding the door open for those who show the willingness to step through. S.E.E.D., as we like to call it, is the brainchild of Ashley and Michael Athill, the sibling team that co-founded HRVSTR, a family-owned craft cannabis cultivation company. Using the expertise gained by having gone through the process ourselves, we have created partnerships, programs and platforms that include education

sessions, employment pathways, entrepreneurial mentorship, and financing assistance. Our goal is to help each individual every step of the way. Where do you start? It simply starts with you. | Instagram: @s.e.e.d.initiative


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GreenPort Cannabis

686 College St., Toronto

Vivianne Wilson


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