Cannabis Goes Up In Smoke Your Profits Should Not: Count Canna Launches Operations Dashboard For Canadian Cannabis Retailers

Published Nov 29, 2022 03:58 p.m. ET
Source: Count Canna


BRITISH COLUMBIA - NOVEMBER 29, 2022 – At a time where every dollar counts, Count Canna’s DNA is protecting the hard won revenue that comes in the front door by making sure it doesn’t walk out the back door. When Count Canna was founded in 2020 it was to bring an old school approach to inventory management with technology and compliant processes tailormade for cannabis retailers.

Powered by their proprietary software Resource Access Dashboard for Inventory & Operations (R.A.D.I.O.) the profit-protection specialists are ready to support legal cannabis merchants across Canada.

“R.A.D.I.O. is the solution to getting organized, avoiding burnout and hefty fines while operating a successful business. It gives you back your time, eliminates stress, and allows access to all you want and need, at your fingertips, on a schedule that works with you instead of against you,” said Michelle Cozzuol, Founder and CEO.

Whether through shrinkage, inefficient processes or human error the cannabis retailer’s “back office” can be a revenue black hole. Count Canna helps retailers create money saving operations and logistics systems so merchants can focus on serving their customers.

What Can Retailers Expect Working with Count Canna?

  • Save Money From Flexible and Bulletproof Inventory Control
  • Save Time By Having Producer Hot Sheets At Their Fingertips and Avoid Endless Internet Searches for Product Information
  • Save Time and Money With an Inventory and Operations Solution Compatible with Compliant Point of Sale, Security, Analytics and Payroll Service Providers
  • Peace of Mind Knowing Their Inventory is Safe With Industry Best Practices for Loss Prevention
  • More Peace of Mind Knowing Digital Logs, H.R. Workflows and Regulatory Compliance Information is Securely Stored and Accessible At The Touch of a Button

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About Count Canna

Count Canna provides Inventory Audit Services and custom proprietary software referred to as R.A.D.I.O. (Resource Access Dashboard for Inventory & Operations) to legal cannabis retailers in Canada. Count Canna is a digital one-stop work space for retail owners to manage HR, inventory and operations, from anywhere, at any time.

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