Wisconsin remains behind on marijuana legalization

Published Dec 3, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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Why is Wisconsin lagging where federal marijuana legalization is concerned? That is a question that many have been asking and they are still patiently awaiting an answer.

With full knowledge of the thriving marijuana market, revenue, and its potential to generate a massive income, the Democrats are trying to push forward on legalizing or at least decriminalizing marijuana. As of 2018, Canada made cannabis legal for recreational use with some stipulations such as being 19 to buy weed from a dispensary or online, and as of now, this seems to be working nicely

Current laws

Marijuana laws are very straightforward in Wisconsin. Smoking weed remains illegal as it is considered a  schedule one hallucinogenic substance. In September, lawmakers introduced a bill to push to legalize marijuana. On October 30, lawmakers also introduced a bill to decriminalize cannabis possession, but it has yet to pass.

Decriminalizing cannabis would mean that you could have 28 grams of marijuana in your possession without any penalties. As of now, possession of marijuana is considered a misdemeanor. You could face up to 6 months in jail and or a 1000 dollar fine. The bill also wants to see prior criminal records due to possession erased, as no one should lose their job and right to vote because of a minor charge of cannabis possession.

Medical marijuana bill

In September, lawmakers introduced a bill to make medical marijuana legal in all forms. This bill will make way for a licensing system for those with a prescription. They would have to join the state department of health and follow specific rules, but in return they would have legal access to cannabis.


Wisconsin has support from the democrats for legalization . As far as the republicans go, it seems to be doubtful that they will give full support in regards to making cannabis legal. With 50% of the republicans opposing legalization it looks like it may be a while before it happens, although with the presidential elections coming up making supporting legalization just might give trump the edge he needs to gain those extra votes .

As far as the people of Wisconsin, they support legalization In their state, with 59 % saying yes to recreational legalization and approximately 89%supporting medical marijuana legalization and 16 % supporting marijuana reform.

The state lawmakers are also pushing for legalization, but with the legislator being controlled by the republicans, it makes it very difficult. Alough, as we mentioned earlier, the democrats want to follow suit by mimicking the actions other states that are attempting to legalize cannabis.Those states are Ohio, South Dakota, Florida, Minnesota, and Oklahoma. Mexico is also moving ahead with legalization.

Whether federal legalization happens for recreational use or medical use, the reality is people have been smoking weed for centuries even with it being illegal. There are so many protesting for the legalization of both recreational use and medical use that its bound to happen, Even if we have to take one little step at a time we all continue protesting our rights to be able to use this god-given miracle plant.

It has some amazing uses. People are not just smoking weed to get high but they are also using it for so many other reasons that induce a sense of well-being and life balance. Continue to fight for your right to choose an addictive pain killer or an all-natural pain killer . The wonderful thing is we are taking the right steps and moving towards a freedom.

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