Why countries around the world are changing their minds about legal weed

Published Jan 12, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Federal marijuana legalization in Canada has started the ball rolling. Other countries all over the world are now beginning to give thought to making legislation regarding marijuana. In Canada, everyone has the right to grow weed with a cap on the amounts at four marijuana plants per household. Since Canada has opened up the doors of opportunity to the marijuana plant, we have seen many other countries start to follow suit.

Some of the benefits of legalizing marijuana

Federal marijuana legalization is a great way to generate revenue and open up countries to many different stocks that they can make profitable investments. While creating much-needed jobs that, in turn, helps the economy and provides more funds for fixing infrastructure, like building schools.

The black market for weed will dwindle as there will be no need for sneaking about. For hemp farms, some countries have the absolute ideal environment for growing all year round. All the products that can be made by hemp are tremendous and a much better choice concerning the atmosphere of the planet.

Giving people access to medical marijuana is fabulous. Cannabis can aid people with all kinds of different ailments and provides an excellent alternative to having to take many other addictive drugs that have been prescribed. The health and wellness benefits of terpenes are tremendous. And so many other products which can be made from lovely terpenes are out of this world!

The jail systems will not be as crowded as people will not be going to jail for anything to do with the marijuana plant. That frees up much time for law enforcement to concentrate on other things of importance, for example, the opioid crisis that has shown its ugly head for far too long. And it needs the proper time and attention to help eliminate the mess inflicted in regards to opioid addiction.

Where is cannabis legal


Since November, the UK has allowed doctors to prescribe marijuana products. South Korea has legalized strictly monitored cannabis for medical reasons. South Africa has made cannabis legal for recreational use by adults in private places. Lebanon is seriously considering legalizing marijuana for medical purposes in hopes of helping their economy.

Some other countries like Jamaica, Brazil, and Portugal are pushing ahead for the legalization of cannabis. The sale of marijuana is legal, but adult use in private is good to go. While span the drug is legal. The Netherlands marijuana is sold freely in café and is permitted to smoke in private.

In many countries, their attitudes are softening as research and studies show the positive health benefits in some specific ailments that children suffer from, and the fact that marijuana can offer relief for things like epilepsy its probably time to make some exceptions.

Cannabis is starting to give a better view to those that would generally frown upon the drug. That is a very positive sign. Cannabis can change lies and make things a little more comfortable for all kinds of ailments. Looking at the fact that we have seen the lovely marijuana plant, federally legalized is enough to give hope. With time and effort, we may see a world that is not judgmental of cannabis use for medical reasons or recreational purposes.

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