What you need to know about cannabis in Malta

Published Apr 12, 2023 09:00 a.m. ET
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Malta has recently undergone many changes in terms of its cannabis laws. It wasn’t until 2018 that the Parliament legalized medical cannabis and in December 2021 it became the very first EU country to legalize recreational use. However, this acceptance does come with certain limitations and restrictions, and here we’ll cover all of the most important things you should know about cannabis in Malta.

Growing cannabis in Malta

Though buying and using cannabis is legal in Malta, this country limits growing plants for personal consumption to 4 plants per household. Licensed and regulated producers may also cultivate cannabis here, and those who wish to do so are subject to strict licensing requirements and regulations.

Possession of cannabis in Malta

It is now legal for legal-aged adults to carry up to 7 grams of cannabis for personal use. Possession of more than that may result in fines or even jail time. However, it is also important to note that those who grow cannabis are allowed to have up to 50 grams of cured cannabis stored in their home.

Minimum age for cannabis use in Malta

Only adults aged 18 years and older may purchase or use cannabis in Malta.

Buying limits for cannabis in Malta

In Malta, there are no limits in terms of the size of a purchase per transaction, but the maximum limit for possession still applies, so most vendors will only sell 7 grams or less at a time, which can make it difficult for frequent consumers to stay stocked up.

Public consumption of cannabis in Malta


Yes, cannabis consumption is legal in Malta, but there are many places where smoking and vaping are prohibited including parks, streets, sidewalks, and any other places that are open to the public, such as indoors, or on patios. It is also illegal to consume cannabis in areas where smoking tobacco is banned, so be sure to pay close attention when you’re looking for a spot to spark one up.

Medical licenses for cannabis in Malta

This country offers a medical cannabis program to give patients access to products that may help them to manage certain medical conditions or symptoms. However, patients must receive a medical cannabis card that may only be provided by a certified, licensed, and registered medical practitioner.

Border rules for cannabis in Malta

It is illegal to bring cannabis into Malta from other countries, and it is also illegal to leave with it. Anyone caught trying to cross a border here may face a range of punishments from simple fines to incarceration. So travelers should make sure to leave their stash at home and stock up upon their arrival because the risk really isn’t worth it.

In conclusion

Malta has introduced some exciting new changes to its cannabis laws over the last five years. However, like most countries, there are still many limitations and restrictions surrounding its use, purchase, and possession, so it’s important to stay up to date on these rules if you want to avoid running into legal troubles.

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