Utah senator Jim Dabakis films his very first experience with cannabis

Published Jan 3, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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In Las Vegas, marijuana is legal, and state senator Jim Dabakis chose this destination to film his first time experimenting with the marijuana plant. He decided to get his message out by utilizing his Facebook platform and releasing a Facebook Live Video. His state Utah was on the verge of medical marijuana legalization, but proposition 2 was deemed a controversial measure.

The democratic state senator believed that it was weird that a group of politicians were going to shape the state's marijuana policies without every experiencing how to smoke weed or indulge in the cannabis experience through another method.

The state senator decided he was going to remedy this by filming his first experience at indulging in marijuana. He chooses a parking lot in Las Vegas to conduct his marijuana experience. He had declared himself as a marijuana virgin.

About the video

State senator Dabakis explains in his video that he has never tasted, smoked, eaten, or shot up marijuana in his life. He begins the filming showing how he has difficulty opening a bag of weed gummies. This is the method he has chosen to be his first experience with weed. He cautiously takes one half of a gummy bear out of the bag and licks the treasured candy before he pops it into his mouth.

Edibles take time to have the effects begin. Dabakis returned to his hotel room in Las Vegas after eating a gummy bear and decided to up his dosage. It had been about one and a half hours since he took the first half of a gummy bear and did not feel any effects. Dabakis states he took another gummy bear in two portions over the next hour. This practice is a common mistake that does not produce a happy gummy marijuana high for some. The golden rule of go low and slow is the rule to follow when eating edibles.

For state senator Dabakis his results were positive. He says that he eventually felt a warm glow. The experience was not life-changing, and he stated he didn't find god or anything with his first experience with marijuana.


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Dabakis was quick to inform his audience that he was not driving and had no intention of driving. His plans were to be driven back to his hotel and lounge around the pool, waiting for his marijuana experience to begin.

When he returned to his state Utah, he provided another video for people to see and hear what his experiences were. In his video, he does not suggest that people should head out and "shoot up marijuana," but he clearly states that he does not see what all the fuss and big deal is about a little pot.

The state senator and Utah lawmaker had an important message he wanted to deliver to his colleagues who were considering making changes to his state's medical marijuana laws. He wanted people to hear him loud and clear, "Don't knock it until you have tried it.

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