Trump campaign wants no association with pot activists

Published Nov 2, 2020 01:00 p.m. ET
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As the US presidential candidate's race towards the finish line, in hopes of winning over the people, and a seat that is viewed by millions as a high honour, you would think that they'd be working to garner the affection and attention of the people. For some, this could mean lower taxes, more oversight for police, better rebates, or fairer laws. Still, cannabis enthusiasts are keeping their eyes out for indications of each candidate might that might imply a severe consideration for implementing federal marijuana legalization.

Other countries that share borders with the United States like Canada have already made leaps and bounds when compared to the snail pace of US law. Leaving many feeling anxious, wondering if they will ever have the same equal are fair access to this all-natural medicine. Unfortunately, at times, it can be challenging to read the mixed messaging laid out by presidential campaigns. Still, it's quickly becoming evident that the Trump campaign has no plan to move forward on this initiative.

Mississippians for Compassionate Care

Mississippians for Compassionate Care is an organization that is trying to help bring awareness to the issue. They've gathered more than a dozen signatures from prominent Republicans in Mississippi and an impressive 228 000 petitions from residents who support Initiative 65, which would enhance patient access to medical cannabis with the assistance of a qualified physician. The group has done several incredible things to raise awareness, but the one that the president himself takes issue with is a mailer.

After watching the president closely over these last four years, the group decided to use the president's documented remarks that appeared to be in favour of the legalization of medicinal cannabis. One statement was taken from 2015 when Trump pointed at Colorado as an issue due to its bustling recreational market because he followed up with "I think medical marijuana, 100%." Another was recorded at a 205 rally in Nevada, where the president claimed to know sick people who benefit from cannabis.

The Mississippians for Compassionate Care highlighted several other touching quotes. Still, they all seemed to show that the US president backs in the very least, a medical marijuana program. You might think that Trump would see a positive message such as this one and that even if he disagreed, he would turn a blind eye. After all, his next four years in office are looking less and less likely, which each passing day and garnering support from cannabis users could be enough to give him an edge, but it seems like the Trump campaign took action against it instead.


Unfortunately, the Trump campaign didn't see this innocent mailing as a brilliant opportunity to drum up more support. As a result, Mississippians for Compassionate Care were promptly served with a cease and desist order. They didn't ask for minor changes or adjustments or offer up any kind of alternative for the activists to work with, as the campaign letter claims that the president's name and image are being used against his wishes and that he has never once claimed to support Initiative 65.


What is Initiative 65?

Initiative 65 and the alternative 65A would allow medical doctors to prescribe cannabis to patients, be it through qualified private producers or a statewide regulated medical cannabis program. This move would amend the Mississippi Constitution and provide a level of protection for anyone who seeks or requires medical cannabis through a qualified professional.

Is Trump against federal marijuana legalization?

When put on the spot, Trump has quite often taken the side of medical marijuana, claiming that he believes it is essential, useful, and should be legal, and yet since he's taken office, he's done very little to back up those claims. Though he has signed legislation provided to him by several Republican senators to prohibit the Department of Justice from interfering in medical cannabis businesses where states have legalized its use, federal marijuana legalization of any form has rarely been discussed.

One more point for the Biden

The Trump campaign is losing steam, alongside millions of cannabis enthusiasts and patients who wish to see access to the plant and its products broaden to match neighbouring regions such as Canada. That is excellent news for Biden, who has fervently promised to push forward with federal marijuana legalization for all who might want to utilize the benefits of the cannabis plant.

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