Super Tuesday results may mean delays for marijuana reform

Published Mar 15, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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As the race moves forward, and delegates continue to drop out at an astounding rate, Americans right across the country are paying extra close attention to election results. Until now, Bernie Sanders was winning in the polls, which would be a massive victory for cannabis enthusiasts, as he’s promised to make some significant and fast changes to legislation by introducing federal marijuana reform as soon as possible.

Unfortunately, it seems that Super Tuesday gave way to an unforeseen twist that allowed Joe Biden to come out on top in both Texas and Massachusetts, and that has a lot of consumers wondering whether or not federal marijuana legalization might be put on the back burner along with Bernie, who is trailing close behind with incredible momentum. Regardless of your political views, as a cannabis user, there is no denying that there were quite a few choices on the table that openly supported marijuana reform.

Bernie Sanders promised to legalize weed, Andrew Yang threw his support behind the movement, and even Hilary Clinton and Elizabeth Warren were clear that the United States needed this to keep up with the rest of the world. Every single one of them advocated for and discussed their exciting hopes to legalize cannabis, but Joe Biden is one of the only ones who avoided the topic altogether, and that’s got experts, specialists, patients, investors, and business owners holding their breath as they await what comes next.

Is Joe Biden against federal marijuana legalization?

The main reason that so many are claiming the win as a defeat for the cannabis movement is because of Joe Biden's long history of involvement in drafting some of the harshest anti-drug laws, most of which are still in place today, but that happened decades ago, so it could be possible that his stance has changed since then. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to say for sure since he can’t seem to keep his story straight as he’s addressed the public throughout this campaign.

The former vice president was filmed in recent weeks saying that he would legalize cannabis, but that quickly changed from legalization to decriminalization and that’s not all. Though Joe Biden promises to make cannabis widely available for research, which is a good thing, he also remains adamant that he would make no changes to the current system in place, aside from ceasing federal intervention in states that have legalized it. That is until further research is done to prove that it’s safe for Americans to consume.


Is Joe Biden likely to introduce marijuana reform?

Joe Biden seems bothered by the implication that he has not changed his personal opinion on cannabis, as he watches other candidates receiving praise and media attention for taking a different angle, but it’s difficult to believe that the same man who said that marijuana is a gateway drug, could be realistically in support of such a movement.

Luckily, the clock hasn’t run out yet, and though Mr. Biden was able to defeat Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday, his opponent isn’t too far behind him to catch up. So, if you want to support marijuana reform at the federal level in the United States, then you might want to consider a different delegate. One that hasn’t lied through propaganda and one that is sure of the future of cannabis, because right now, it isn’t looking like the former vice president is capable of the change that Americans so desperately crave.

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