Presidential candidate Andrew Yang supports non-violent drug related pardons

Published Apr 26, 2019 01:02 p.m. ET
AP Photo/Morgan Lee

With the American 2020 election only months away, many presidential candidates are ramping up their platforms to appeal to as many voters as possible before December. With President Donald Trump’s ratings falling faster than ever before, it seems that change is almost certain to take place soon. Now, more than ever, citizens should be learning about each political parties’ platform to choose the one that most aligns with their values. One of the hottest topics being included this year focuses on various aspects of marijuana legalization and ending the war on drugs that is still well and alive today. Some candidates remain venomously opposed to legal marijuana, but the majority seem to be listening to the American people, who want access to the same products as their close neighbors in Canada. One of the most unique of all current running opponents is Andre Yang who holds some radical views that are being overwhelmingly accepted and appreciated as a breath of fresh air in an ever-evolving political world.  

Cannabis is currently legal for medical purposes with a license in 19 states, and in 10 for both medical and recreational use. This is information that might come as a surprise from both Canadian neighbors, and those who live in regions with no such legislation since the spotlight has remained on Canada for now, but that is only because the country has yet to see legal marijuana laws at the federal level. The United States currently hosts most dispensaries and licensed growers than any other country in the world and is well on its way to earning a new status as a powerhouse of the cannabis industry. Andrew Yang not only supports further growth of the legal marijuana market within the U.S., but he also believes that all drugs should be decriminalized to properly manage the fallout of the current opioid epidemic. This view’s legitimacy was confirmed when he announced on his personal Twitter page on March 27 of 2019 that he would be introducing a brand-new policy proposal every single day for a month that recommends the decriminalization of both opioid possession and use.

Voters who are warming to the idea or are already of the mindset that regulations do nothing to truly hinder illegal drug markets are hopping on board, and Yang’s modern platform might be what earns him the position as president of the United States. Here are just a few highlights showing some of Andrew’s promises if elected in the 2020 presidential running.

  • Full legalization of all types of marijuana use.
  • Introduce marijuana legalization guidelines for vendors and growers.
  • Pardon all non-violent drug related offences including those for opioids and other mind-altering substances.
  • Personally, release and high five prisoners on their way to freedom who are currently incarcerated for non-violent crimes by April 20, 2020, AKA 420.
  • Use federal funds to equip every active police officer with a body cam.
  • Introduce a basic universal income and fight for equal implementation of the program worldwide.
  • Find ways to punish drug manufacturing companies responsible for the irresponsible sales and prescribing of opioids in America.

Though it might still be a while before all Americans have access to legal marijuana, there is plenty of hope with candidates who all appear to be altering their public opinions on cannabis as the number of 420 enthusiasts grows and vote with their preferences in mind. It’s nice to see a potential President who is able to inspire such a hope for change in the days leading up to next year's election. Blaming the root of the problems including the manufacturers and physicians who are responsible for the opioid epidemic is a view that’s never been taken before. Though some of Andrew’s political views might be debatable, one thing is for sure, and that is his pledge to the American people to bring forth true change and an educated fight to discontinue the frivolous and ineffective war on drugs.



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