Marijuana addiction program “Breaking up With Mary Jane” opens in Chatham Ontario

Published Feb 17, 2019 11:30 p.m. ET

With legalization in full effect, many are praising the opening of such an opportunity within a community that has already seen more than its fair share of addiction issues. The Chatham Kent Community Health Center is launching the brand new marijuana addiction program ironically named “Breaking up With Mary Jane” whose sole focus will be providing support and aid to those seeking help that are suffering from dependence to cannabis.

When does it start? - On February 28th, 2019, anyone interested in obtaining help through the agency will be able to visit the 150 Richmond Street location.

Hours - Beginning on February 28, 2019, the program will run from 1:30-4 every Thursday.

How long does it last? - The programs total length is 12 weeks.

Facilitators - The weekly group will be facilitated by one registered social worker and one addiction and mental health therapist on site.

Program Services - Breaking up With Mary Jane has the goal to provide their services to anyone who recognizes that their marijuana use has become detrimental to their lives. The program will allow participants the chance at first class medical treatment as they learn to abstain from using cannabis. The group will mainly focus on six key points.

  • Both psychological and physical effects of marijuana
  • Strategies to avoid internal or external triggers as well as cravings
  • Skills to prevent relapse
  • Refusal and problem solving skills
  • Unique approaches to increase the chances of lifestyle change

The goal - To provide individuals with access to programs and services that will help them to obtain a cannabis-free life while also supporting people after treatment for long term success.

Where to register - If you would like more information on the program you can contact one of the two program facilitators listed below, submissions to be included in the first group of participants must be submitted by January 29.


Social worker - Heather Van Kerkhoven 519-397-5455 ext. 171

Addictions counselor - Cynthia Workman 519-397-5455

Marijuana and healthcare

This is the first time that the Canadian Mental Health Association has considered giving much in the way of advice or assistance for marijuana healthcare programs. It isn’t surprising given recent changes in laws surrounding the substance, but many wonder if a marijuana addiction program is really necessary when there are already a lack of services for those faced with what are often considered to be more intense addictions to other drugs amidst a current opioid epidemic.

Does Canada need marijuana addiction centers?

The facilitators of Breaking up with Mary Jane cite the Canadian Mental Health Association’s clear message in a recent statement that said cannabis is now legal and that although it isn’t as addictive as other substances marijuana use is linked to long term health consequences including acute psychotic episodes, cognitive impairment, and symptoms that resemble those of schizophrenia. Those who use marijuana long term are more susceptible to adverse effects or develop a dependency that can become problematic in day to day life. Programs like these are necessary for those who require treatment and assistance in making changes in their lives.



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