Man sparks joint in courtroom while facing charges for cannabis possession

Published Feb 7, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Though much of the world currently enjoys legal access to cannabis, some regions still maintain federal laws against it, and though we hope that it will soon change, activists like the one we’re highlighting here today are taking things into their own hands to make the best of an incredibly unfortunate situation.

Spencer Alan Boston, a 20-year-old man from Wilson County Tennessee, found himself facing a judge at the courthouse for minor cannabis possession charges. While most of us would probably do our best to look presentable and innocent to plead our case, Boston took a different angle showing up in a colorful and relaxed outfit with a smile on his face. He even patiently waited for the ideal moment to arise before making his stand in such a public way.

How it went down

On Monday, January 27, 2020, Spencer Boston appeared in court to defend himself against minor drug possession charges. When he was asked to come to the stand to plead his case, Boston launched into a heartfelt confession explaining why he believes that cannabis should be legalized. At first, it seemed as though he had lost the attention of the judge and most who were in attendance, that is until he reached into his pocket to retrieve a joint while still on the stand.

It took mere seconds for Spencer to pop the joint in his mouth, locate a pack of matches, and then to proudly start smoking weed in the middle of the courtroom. So, few were paying attention at first that all of this happened, and Mr. Boston was able to successfully take a few long hauls from the joint before getting escorted out by security who gently steered him away from hundreds of watching eyes.

Those who were in attendance were incredibly calm about the whole ordeal, with many from the crowd erupting into laughter at the hilarity of it all. Overall, the stunt was short-lived but widely accepted as a necessary movement by activists. Many of whom have also found themselves on the receiving end of injustice at the hands of government officials.


Charges for smoking weed in a courtroom

It takes a brave soul to try smoking weed in front of a judge in a region with federal laws against the act because, unfortunately, public displays such as this one are punishable. The charges that Spencer Boston now faces along with his prior issues include contempt of court and an additional possession charge, which in this region can come with large fines, a criminal record, and even jail time.

Was it a good idea?

We aren’t quite sure yet how harsh the punishment will be for this activists outburst, but videos, memes, and news stories about him have gone viral, showing that it really doesn’t take much to have your voice heard, you just have to be willing to face risks and sacrifice to make it happen. Though we certainly don’t condone the idea of smoking weed inside of any establishment that prohibits it, in this case, it seems that these actions were necessary, as Tennessee still maintains some of the harshest laws against cannabis consumption in the US.

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