Is Joe Biden really anti-pot?

Published Mar 26, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The former vice president of the United States said that he would legalize marijuana. The world heard what he said, but unfortunately, those words were spoken in error, and the world listened to it. During an interview, Joe Biden corrected himself and chose the word decriminalize as a replacement for the word legalize.

So, who is Joe Biden?

Recently he was recorded vocalizing for the support of a legalization policy. Currently, his campaign does not endorse the position of legalization. Joe Biden states that more study is needed on the marijuana plants impact on mental acuity.  The former vice president would legalize and decriminalize cannabis, which would open the path for researchers to do their work more efficiently.

The former vice president revealed in a recent interview that added to his belief that states should have the authority to implement their cannabis policies. Upon election, Biden states that he would not enforce the federal law on those states that have enacted legalization. He went on further in his support for the legalization of cannabis by saying that marijuana should not be a Schedule 1 drug and that it should be changed.

In his opinion, cannabis should be adjusted to a Schedule 11 drug. No longer should cannabis be a criminal offence, but rather, a civil offence. Joe Biden now expresses that he would further provide a clean slate for anyone with a conviction for cannabis, as cannabis is not something that one needs to go to jail over, but he does not support the model that individual states have chosen to take.

So, one can ask the question again, who is Joe Biden? Well, he proudly was a crucial player in the drafting of some of the nation's most punitive anti-drug laws. He accomplished these tasks during his time as a senator. Another indication that the former vice president may be changing his views on cannabis comes from his statements last year when Mr. Biden opposed the legalization of cannabis due to his belief that marijuana could be a gateway drug.


Criticism was harsh when the former vice president reversed his words and insisted that cannabis is not a gateway to more dangerous drugs. Mr. Biden expressed remorse that people still associate him with his original comments.

Changing positions

So, one begs the question, is Mr. Biden anti-weed, or does he like flipping his position on the legalization of cannabis to suit his needs at any given time?  It is his goal perhaps to keep the weed advocates of America in a quandary. By looking at the Joe Biden website, we can see that he comes from humble beginnings.

  • He moved on to educate himself and earned a law degree from Syracuse University.
  • Joseph Robinette Biden Jr served as the 47thvice president of the United States from 2009-2017 and is a budding candidate for the 2020 election.
  • He is 77 years old.
  • He is the father of four children.
  • Politically Mr. Biden is among those that have not publicly completely supported Cannabis or have put forth any plan for federal legalization of the herb.
  • If elected in the 2020 presidential race, Mr. Biden would be the oldest president in history at his inauguration at 78 years old. However, Mr. Sanders is one year older and one of his rivals for the Democratic nomination. If the current president, Mr. Trump, wins a second term, he too would hold the rank of oldest president.

The United States of America presidential election is currently scheduled to take place on Tuesday, November 3, 2020, and which way on the ever-swinging pendulum of political space will Mr. Biden settle on remains to be seen.

The remaining presidential candidates who oppose marijuana legalization


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