How to transport marijuana in a vehicle, penalties and laws by province

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:57 p.m. ET

 When you have cannabis in the car, whether you are considering a road trip across Canada, or are just going to a friend’s house across, you should be aware of the law. It is important to know that while possession of up to 30 grams as of October 17, 2018, is legal across Canada. Laws by province vary, allowing you to travel with different amounts of weed in your car and by many different variables. Fines and rules vary significantly from one to the next, but all of them expect you to take very particular precautions. Below is a list of all fines and penalties by province.

Regulations outlined in the federal Cannabis Act serve as default rules in Alberta where regulation is governed by the Alberta Liquor and Gaming Corporation.
The Law: You are allowed to transport marijuana within your vehicle, but it must be completely secured (in a sealed airtight container) and not within reach of the driver or occupants.
Penalties/Fines: Possible confiscation of marijuana, possible drug testing, or possible fine.

Saskatchewan Cannabis Framework has transportation regulation in addition to what is listed in the federal Cannabis Act.
The Law: Marijuana can only be transported from a place that it can be legally purchased from, to a place where it can legally be used. You should try to keep your receipt and store anything bought in its original sealed packaging out of reach of the driver and passengers.
Penalties/Fines: $300 Fine

The Manitoba Highway Traffic Act lists the regulations for Manitoba.
The Law: The Act states that drivers in Manitoba can transport marijuana in a vehicle only if it is stored in the trunk. If you don’t have a trunk, then it must be stored behind the last seat of the vehicle. When driving a motorhome, it must be stored in a cabinet or storage compartment. Other methods of motorized transportation like off-road vehicles and power-assisted bicycles are exempt from these rules.
Penalties/Fines: Possible fine and possible drug test.

In Ontario, The Ontario Cannabis Act regulates the transport of cannabis in a vehicle.
The Law: The Act states that motorists can transport marijuana in baggage that is fastened or closed or is not accessible to any person in the vehicle or boat.
Penalties/Fines: Possible fine, possible confiscation of marijuana, possible arrest, possible blood test or saliva test, possible charges.

In Quebec The Cannabis Regulation Act controls all regulation on transportation of marijuana in a vehicle.
The Law: Drivers may only transport cannabis in a vehicle if it is in its original packaging from SQDC. If the packing is opened, it must also be stored in another airtight bag or container. Marijuana must be concealed.
Penalties/Fines: Fine of $5000-$50 000 with fines doubling for every subsequent offense.

New Brunswick
The New Brunswick Cannabis Control Act doesn’t so much list regulation of travel, so much as it sets out a list of actions that could give an officer the power to search a vehicle.
The Law: An inspector may at any reasonable time enter and inspect any place, area or vehicle.
Penalties/Fines: Possible fines, possible drug test.

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia has provided residents with a simple fact sheet for regulation of the transportation of marijuana.
The Law: Restrictions on the transportation of marijuana in a vehicle are the same as alcohol. Marijuana must be in a sealed container and be out of reach of the driver and passengers.
Penalties/Fines: $2000 fine.

Prince Edward Island
PEI also has regulations set out in an easy to follow fact sheet with some of the most reserved regulations on the list.
The Law: Marijuana must stay out of reach of the driver and cannot be used in the car by passengers.
Penalties/Fines: Possible confiscation of marijuana, $200-$400 fine, and possible drug testing.

Newfoundland & Labrador
Here they have the ACT Respecting the Control and Sale of Cannabis that sets out the regulations of transportation of marijuana in a vehicle.
The Law: All marijuana must be transported in its original packaging and completely sealed. Cannabis cannot be left in a vehicle unattended as the ACT is clear on the fact it must reach a lawful destination to consume it. Marijuana must be stored out of reach of driver and passengers.
Penalties/Fines: $300-$10000 fine, possible drug test, possible imprisonment up to 6 months.

Remember, every province has completely banned the consumption of cannabis while driving. It is also illegal to drive while under the influence. Be safe and be responsible.


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