How cannabis laws have improved in different countries

Published Aug 18, 2019 12:00 p.m. ET
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The legalization of cannabis has been a topic for discussion over the years. Recently, we have seen a relaxation in the marijuana laws in many countries. Many countries have opted to legalize marijuana either for medical or recreational use. Some countries have decriminalized marijuana use. As time progresses, more law reform is expected to take place. Many benefits can flow from the legalization of marijuana, as the marijuana plant has many medical and therapeutic benefits.

Canada and legalization of cannabis

Canada followed Uruguay and legalized marijuana for recreational purposes as well. The legalization of cannabis in Canada has created many opportunities for people. Some of these opportunities include cannabis jobs. With the establishment of many cannabis business places, there has been an increase in employment. Dispensaries employ many people, and growers of cannabis are also provided with new and exciting opportunities.

Apart from the creation of cannabis jobs, the legalization of cannabis has provided the government with revenue from the taxation of the drug. Canada, to deplete the black market, has a favorable taxation system. Taxation starts at 10% per gram, which has encouraged the illegal market of cannabis.

Canada has made huge investment deals since the legalization of cannabis. Aurora Cannabis is a licensed producer that has its stocks listed on the Toronto stock exchange. People can now invest in its stocks that have provided millions of dollars for Canada.

Canada’s legalization of marijuana has also inspired states in the United States to make amendments to their laws so that they can get similar benefits from legal marijuana.

Colorado, and cannabis legalization

Colorado legalized cannabis in 2014. Since then, the state has reaped the benefits of legalization. In 2015, Colorado earned over one hundred million dollars in revenue. This revenue was from the sale of cannabis for medical and recreational purposes.


In Colorado, as well as other American states that has legalized marijuana, there has been an increase in the employment rate because dispensaries and other shops that are running provide jobs for many Americans. Report from New Frontier suggests that if marijuana is legalized federally, it could generate over one million jobs by 2025. Provision of jobs can feature many industries such as growth, distribution, finance, and many more.

Netherlands and legalization of cannabis

Cannabis is still illegal in the Netherlands, but its use is now decriminalized, which has allowed the consumption of marijuana in coffee shops. These coffee shops generate over 400 euros in revenue yearly. There have been prescription drugs containing cannabis in Dutch pharmacies. These coffee shops and pharmacies provide jobs for many people while making a huge profit.

Luxembourg and medical cannabis

Luxembourg has legalized marijuana for medical use. So far, it has launched a medical program that provides marijuana as a medicine to patients. The country have been able to generate wealth from the sale of medical cannabis. It has a deal with Aurora Cannabis to supply them with twenty kilograms of cannabis for fifty thousand (€50 000) euros.

The spread of marijuana news has caused more awareness on the topic of marijuana legalization in many countries. More persons are educated on the benefits of marijuana, and this somehow disregards the stigma attached to the use of marijuana. There has also been much research on cannabis use and its effects in developed countries such as America since the spread of legalization.

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