Hillary Clinton suggests that cannabis makes people stupid

Published Aug 30, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Is Hillary Clinton alone in her belief that consuming cannabis makes one do dumb things? No, she is not alone, in fact, she shares this uneducated opinion with non-other than Donald Trump. The current Commander in Chief Mr. Trump was overheard at a 2018 dinner claiming that he believed that marijuana use lowers a person’s IQ.

Where did this opinion about weed and IQ come from for Hillary Clinton, and who was it that gave her that idea? An author from the New York Times newspaper is the provider of the information that the former Secretary of State is talking about. So what did the former Secretary of State base her opinion of how weed can affect one's IQ?

Sour notes

Maureen Dowd's column struck a wrong note when she incorrectly stated that it had been 36 years since a male and a female had run on the same national ticket. This was incorrect as Clinton had selected Sen Tim Kaine to be her running mate in 2016. Clinton suggested that she must have shared a vivid hallucination four years ago with Tim Kaine. The other option she gave was that Maureen had perhaps had a bit too much of a pot brownie before she wrote her column again.

Identified by association

In 2014 Dowd had written an article about overindulging on a marijuana edible. She wrote this shortly after the state had established the legal cannabis market in Colorado. The column is known as Don't Harsh Our Mellow Dude, and it described how she experienced adverse effects from the weed edible. She explains how she felt a scary shudder go through her body and then goes on to explain how she barely made it to from her desk to her bed.

She was thirsty but could not turn off the lights, and this is where she stayed for eight hours while her brain and body moved through the hallucinatory state. She thought that the experience would serve as a cautionary tale about the cannabis industry. However, she was mocked for her elevated experience for not following the golden rule of “go low and slow: when consuming cannabis edibles.



An unhelpful and also unfunny trend that reform advocates are adopting is how lawmakers are attempting to be funny about marijuana by perpetuating negative stereotypes about the consumer. The executive director of NORML Erik Altieri insists that Hillary Clinton 2020 needs to update her comedy routine. Today over 70 percent of Americans are in support of legalization. The amusement that was perhaps associated with marijuana, and the question ”does smoking weed lower IQ is outdated. He states that this type of comedy was lazy and cliché thirty years ago and is still not witty today.

Final taste

So, as time moves forward, we can see that Hilary Clinton 2020 has not changed her personal views on cannabis use. A testament to this can be found on video when she replied to a CNN interview that she has never taken a toke and that she never would. Hillary Clinton, in her limited experience, should not be advocating for the furthering of harmful stone stereotypes.

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