Elizabeth Warren pledges a new plan to legalize cannabis

Published Mar 10, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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The Elizabeth Warren polls in the Colorado primary are showing that as one of the democratic presidential candidates, her position is holding steady. Currently, she has polling results showing that she is running in second place at 20% behind U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders.

One of the running presidential candidates vying for the top job of the United States, Elizabeth Warren, has announced marijuana legalization as part of the policies that she will present to her supporters.  She will be actively implementing the legalization of cannabis if she can secure the coveted position of President.

Some of the policies that Elizabeth Warren states she will include in her platform include:

  • Elizabeth Warren’s involvement with Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act (MORE) to aid in the legalization through Congress.
  • Warren would use executive power if Congress did not move her way. Warren plans to use her executive power to break down barriers prohibiting cannabis.
  • She plans to appoint agency heads who support legalization from the FDA, DEA, and ONDCP.
  • De-listing marijuana via the federal rule-making process will be accomplished within 100 days.
  • Warren plans to promote unionization among the cannabis industry workers.
  • She intends to protect Indian tribes in their effort to enact their reform policies and programs.
  • Warren also plans on lifting and reversing a current ban, thus allowing Washington D.C. to use local monies for implementing legal cannabis sales.
  • Comprehensive reform at the federal level is the goal provided for supporters of Elizabeth Warren polls to vote on, to be starting on the first day of her election to President.

Elizabeth Warren policies

Elizabeth Warren's policies plan to go further than solely legalizing the plant and its products. She plans to expunge convictions involving marijuana and protect immigrants. By prioritizing a federal expungement and creating incentives for states to follow, Warren is building her policy list and promises.

Immigrants who are working in the cannabis space or who use cannabis would be protected from unfair treatment. This portion of the Elizabeth Warren policy would ensure that the immigrant workers would not be denied citizenship if they were found to be working or using cannabis.  Warren states that no one should be barred from applying and being granted citizenship, nor should they be deported for having used marijuana.


Elizabeth states loud, and undoubtedly there is something broken with the current system. It is not justice when kids are locked up for an ounce of pot, and yet hedge fund managers are making millions of green dollars off the legal sale of cannabis.

At the Elizabeth Warren polls, voters will be voting, knowing that she plans to end this broken and discouraging system with the swearing-in of her administration. The plan that Warren will initiate when she is President will be about undoing and reversing the century-old policy that disproportionately targets the Latin and Black communities. She plans to rebuild the communities that have suffered the most harm. Her plan will ensure that everyone has access to the many opportunities that the new green budding cannabis industry will be providing.

Elizabeth Ann Warren is a married mother of two children, and she belongs to the democratic party. She has been serving her country as a senior senator from Massachusetts since 2013 and is a proud presidential candidate for the position of President of the United States of America in 2020.

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