Donald Trump claims cannabis use lowers IQ

Published Feb 4, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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The latest in Trump news includes an interesting reveal surrounding the US president's views on the cannabis industry, and it isn’t pretty. Though this new evidence is only coming to light now, it is contained in a personal video that was taken by Fruman, and submitted into the impeachment process by Lev Parnas, an old colleague of the famous attorney Rudy Giuliani back in April of 2018.

The duo at that time was invited to a dinner at the Whitehouse and in a room full of excitement and nerves, Fruman takes out his camera and begins recording the festivities. Soft chairs and a long elegant table that goes on for miles seem to at first be the highlight and voices of some of the president's largest donors play in the background discussing golf courses and private summer homes.

It all seems relatively boring well past the time when everyone is seated and served, but midway through the dinner, Donald Trump is questioned about his take on allowing cannabis-related businesses access to banking. Something that has been a massive hurdle for the industry since its beginning, as even in legal states, dispensaries and all other pot-related businesses are unable to conduct normal transactions with a business account.

Trump on marijuana

In the video, you can quite clearly hear Lev Parnas ask Trump if he’s considered allowing cannabis businesses to conduct banking in legal states, and what is most concerning is that the president seems entirely confused about the question. This was clear in his response which was “why?” and “can’t you do banking there?” Lev doesn’t get a chance to answer before the president continues his rant about weed with wildly inaccurate claims.

He turned to commonly believed myths and somehow rolled them into statements including “In Colorado, they have more accidents” and that “it does cause an IQ problem.”  Now, the craziest part about all of this is that Trump's own agency openly proves these insinuations as wrong or speculation at best, but the worst thing about it all is that the president quickly changes topics without addressing any of the cannabis-related concerns.


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Now, some naysays have just shrugged off the impossible to deny footage, stating that plenty of time has passed and that the president knows better now, but how do we know this to be true? Especially when you consider the fact that the president is currently under investigation for impeachable offenses. Though this insane reveal exposes Mr. Trump's lack of understanding around huge problems like banking and disproven myths, many of his supporters are not backing down, seemingly unmoved by anything that could mar the image of their praised leader.

US citizens who believe in the cannabis movement should be wary of this highly misinformed man. With elections just around the corner, it is important to weigh such important factors that will continue to influence the countries' laws surrounding cannabis sales and consumption. Especially if you are one of the millions of Americans who are fighting and hoping for federal marijuana legalization at some point in the next four years.

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