DC allows weed delivery for medical cannabis patients

Published Apr 30, 2020 09:00 a.m. ET
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Mayor Muriel Bowser has a green heart. Medical marijuana patients can continue to have access to their medicine without worrying about interruption and social distancing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Well, that is till August 12. Curbside and weed delivery services have been permitted to enable dispensaries to deliver medicine to medical cannabis patients.

Recreational weed in Washington DC has been legal since 2015. Any adult aged 21 years or older can possess up to two ounces without the fear of being arrested. A person can also legally grow six plants in their home for personal use. Medical marijuana has been legal in Washington, DC, since 1998.

However, it took until 2009 before legal, medical cannabis was available.  2010 saw the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Amendment by City Council of the District of Columbia who legalized medical marijuana in 2010.

Health and Safety

Washington DC already had medical dispensaries being classed as essential, and as such, the doors of cannabis dispensaries were permitted to remain open during the virus attack. The spread of COVID-19 virus was putting residents of DC in danger. Muriel Bowser recognized that the health and safety of the medical marijuana patient needed to be included to ensure that the medical marijuana patient was also protected. Unfortunately, it was not enough that the dispensary locations were deemed essential, as social distancing was also an issue.

Medical marijuana delivery service was becoming the norm for all marijuana stores. The recreational cannabis market was joining the pattern to maintain the health and welfare of not only the patrons but also the staff working at the dispensary. The District of Columbia residents who were registered as qualifying patients were among the people who's health and safety were being protected during this virus attack. The guidelines for the Stay-at-Home Order were able to be implemented more securely.



There have been some restrictions that we have to follow with this emergency rule making decision including:

  • The time frame for weed delivery must be restricted to between the hours of eleven a.m. and seven p.m.
  • Only one delivery vehicle is permitted for each dispensary
  • Delivery vehicles may only have ten parcels at one time on each delivery run
  • No advertising can be on the delivery vehicles
  • Delivery vehicles are limited to carrying five thousand dollars in cash and medical cannabis during the deliveries
  • Curbside deliveries must be conducted in front of dispensary and a clear view of the stores' camera system

Do I qualify for delivery?

A registered patient with DC's medical marijuana program, you can now have your medicine delivered to your house, but some things will need to occur for this to happen. You, as a patient and your caregiver, if necessary, have to provide the dispensary with a copy of the medical marijuana ID and registration card they have been issued. The dispensary will then verify that the patient has not exceeded the allowable amount for the month and will, upon verification that they have not exceeded the four ounces, will dispatch the weed delivery to your house.

Thirty-six percent of the patients involved in DC’s medical marijuana program is over 55. Practicing social distancing is paramount to many of them to contain the COVID-19 virus from spreading. Many of this population are immune compromised and social distancing while maintaining the purchasing of the needed medicine is how cannabis dispensaries are doing their part to flatten the curve.

Is getting stoned with a friend practicing proper social distancing


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