Daughter of premier Doug Ford uses and promotes CBD Oil

Published Feb 17, 2019 11:29 p.m. ET

Kyla Ford is openly showing her passion for using CBD oils, and her father’s fame has helped her spread the good word. That sounds great, right? Except, Kyla has decided to promote products that go against everything her father has sworn against. Once pot became legal in Ontario on October 17 of 2018 Doug Ford promised to take down all unlicensed vendors of cannabis products no matter what the cost. Since then he has systematically closed the doors of hundreds of illegal dispensaries across Ontario. So where is all this negative attention coming from?

Kyla Ford is a professional fitness trainer and popular influencer with well over one hundred thousand followers on her Instagram, which is where it all began. Near the beginning of last month, she took to social media and started posting ads for sponsored content which were obtained from a company called Bodhi Naturals. Their website offers health and wellness programs that they refer to as hemp based. The problem with the company is that Bodhi Naturals is not a licensed producer or vendor of marijuana. Since the media outrage, the posts have been deleted, but the captions read statements claiming she used and loved the products herself and encouraging sales to all her followers on Instagram.

In Canada, the laws governing marijuana are laid out in The Cannabis Act which explicitly states that it is illegal to use, purchase, or promote products that are infused with THC or CBD without a license.

Doug Ford still insists that illegal vendors are criminals and should be stopped, but his daughter doesn’t seem to hold the same sentiment. Though her account was deactivated for a short time, it is now back up and running without the controversial Bodhi Naturals sponsored posts. The problem with posts like Kyla’s is that they tend to create confusion amongst the general public who think that public figures can be trusted sources for such information. The company itself also uses vague terminology to describe their products. Instead of using THC or CBD they refer to everything as hemp-based which to many may appear legal.


Kyla vigorously denies any wrongdoing and says that she will continue to use and share the health benefits of CBD oil with her followers, it just might be a while before we see any new action on her Instagram account. Most of the health benefits of CBD oil are discreet and mild but functional. CBD is often used to treat health conditions brought on by mass amounts of inflammation, and health benefits go beyond those of the body. Those who suffer from anxiety can benefit from using CBD oil as one of the primary characteristics of the cannabinoid CBD is a calming effect for the user.

With his daughter’s recent public messages on Instagram, some are wondering if Doug Ford will eventually soften his stance on dispensaries in Ontario since the lack of access to legal marijuana product has been the number one complaint since legalization came into effect. The Premiere himself is responsible for a lottery draw that took place this month which drew 25 random names from individuals who hoped to obtain a license to become one of the very first few legal cannabis vendors in the province. Along with the draw was a promise to close all illegal pot shops for good. So far, his opinion seems to remain unchanged. We will see if there are any discrepancies in the future, and until then many Ontarians will be holding their breath awaiting the results of the lottery system to play out for better or for worse.



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