Could federal reform be slowed down by the coronavirus?

Published Mar 31, 2020 11:00 a.m. ET
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It is March, and the world is sitting wait patiently for some sort of relief from the headlines and news conferences revolving around Covid-19. This is an extraordinary time, and feeling, as most of us never thought this would be an issue in our lifetime. The last time we ever had anything happen to this extent was back in WW2, which is more than a lifetime ago for most, but this is now a reality for the entire world

The past couple of months has proven how quickly the world can change, and our priorities evolve right along with it. Governments are scrambling to find ways to gain control over this pandemic and make sure that everyone gets provided the proper funding and fair amounts of food and essential resources. While all this is going on, the government has put some critical bills and laws that we have been waiting for on the back burner.

Well, we have a presidential election coming up and a marijuana reform that many are hoping to see pass in hopes of allowing the freedom to consume, grow smoke and open dispensaries. We are not taking away from the intensity of the virus just wanting to have a look at what this could mean for all the political issues that not long ago were at the forefront of conversations & news articles that we have been eagerly following.

As states are closing down borders and businesses, dispensaries must make patient care a number one priority. Marijuana is needed because it’s medicine for many that depend on it for the relief of various ailments. It’s really no different than any other medicines that they need to make available for patients to stay safe and healthy.

What does Covid-19 mean in government

In New York lawmakers have revised the proposal would allow for legal for use by those that are of the age of 21 and for the cultivation of 6 plants for personal use. We are patiently waiting to see how this falls out. The budget talks will need to be had, and decisions will have to be made. If cannabis is going to be a priority, citizens should be the first to know.


It all comes down to whether or not it has been carefully thought through. Senate does plan to talk about marijuana, but now that we are dealing with the new coronavirus, the chances are pretty good that it is going to be delayed. Although the revised bill has many changes that could help give a little push to speed things up a bit, it’s not likely to happen anytime soon.

Law enforcement is now required to be trained appropriately to spot the signs of impairment due to cannabis. This is simply not something that can be guaranteed as we are in the middle of this health crisis. Advocates are concerned that this is going to be pushed back as there are so many unexpected decisions that are being made now concerning quarantine. The virus total keeps climbing every day, and we need to be sure this starts to decline. To do that, we need people to be following the protocol put in place by governments.

The one thing that is for sure is that advocates are not giving up on marijuana reform, even if it is delayed. This is a time for all to come together and fight the good fight. We all know the health crisis at hand is causing anxiety, and we need to do our best to help alleviate those anxieties. It is difficult for nations to concentrate on everyday things, and this will continue until we see some differences in the virus totals and everyday activities getting back to normal.

Once society is back to a more normal state again, all of the things that we are trying to have passed will be back at the forefront. Until then, stay safe and stay healthy.

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