Congress moves to further cannabis research

Published Feb 18, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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We all know that the lack of cannabis research is holding back some changes and that we urgently need to find a way to get more research projects on the go as soon as we can, but some people feel this isn’t going to happen. Cannabis is always one of the last things up for discussion, and we need the federal government to stand up and listen so that we can get a good handle on things. That will help all of the business owners and marijuana producers get moving in their business ventures. So, as activists, we must continue to push for more research since that’s what the lawmakers feel is needed for them to make the right informed decisions.


Well, we have all heard about the legislation that is going to allow the DEA to grow cannabis for the sole purpose of studying it. This is going to happen, but the problem is that there is still only one federally approved research facility to grow cannabis in the US, and it’s a small firm in Mississippi. Although this is an excellent start, there is a need for the DEA to allow for analysis to be done on some of the marijuana from state-approved producers.

Since that is what is going to be on the market, as they have crops already growing and would probably be more than happy to help speed up the process. The question is more about when and how long this is going to take, as getting licenced and producing cannabis or opening a dispensary has a lot of red tape that is involved, and once the door opens up everyone is going to be applying to get in ASAP.

We have heard murmurs of the DEA expanding the amount of cannabis available for research for many years, but the US has not been moving too quickly to get the ball rolling. Everyone is hoping that we will get some information very soon so that we can get moving on the federal legalization of cannabis. Even though we keep hearing that Congress is moving forward, it doesn’t seem to be much of a priority in the eyes of the federal government. The unfortunate part is that the Republicans do not seem to be very excited about federal legalization.


What we need

With so much research needed to do in the name of cannabis science, we must move out of this stagnant space where we’re saying that we don’t know and that we’re not quite ready yet. If everything is at a standstill, then there is no progress, and that does not give much hope to those eagerly waiting to hear the magic words that marijuana is federally legal. Letters must be written to lawmakers, and we need to take a stand to have our voices heard.

In Canada, cannabis is legal, and the industry seems to be thriving. There have been no reports of wrongdoing, and so far, Americans are just sitting back patiently waiting to join in a grand celebration of federal legalization. This can be a win-win situation for everyone involved. Jobs will become available in the industry and the crime of having cannabis in your possession will no longer end with you up in jail or with a hefty fine. The time will come, and we are all ready. Oh, what a great day that will be.

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