Bernie Sanders encourages cannabis workers to unionize

Published Jan 28, 2020 10:00 a.m. ET
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Bernie Sanders's name will be found on the upcoming United States of America ticket to elect a President. Bernie Sanders age is 78, born in 1941, and he is the longest-serving independent in the USA congressional history. He is a member of the Democratic caucus and is a senator from Vermont. He is a married father of one biological child and three stepchildren. This is the information that voters have when heading to the Bernie Sanders polls.

Bernie Sanders's 2020 message for the cannabis industry is to vote yes

Bernie Sanders stands firm on the belief that cannabis industry workers, like any other workers, deserve a fair wage and respect. Bernie Sanders expressed his views at a recent gathering and on Twitter that as president of the United States of America, he pledges that he will be leading the fight to encourage double the union membership in America's workforce.

Workers at Cresco Labs in Illinois, a significant cannabis production facility were are about to vote on that very issue. Bernie Sanders's voice was heard, and the employees of Cresco Labs voted 58 to 32 in favor of a union. The number of workers totalled 95 that could vote on whether to join the United Food & Commercial Workers Union.

Legal cannabis sales started in the state on January 2. The first day saw sales of $3.2 million. There are estimates that the industry will bring in $2 to $3 billion dollars and account for somewhere in the range of 65,000 jobs. Bernie Sanders wants it all to be unionized.

Bernie Sanders has put labor unions at the forefront of his campaign platform. Memberships to associations have been declining since the 1980’s, and rebuilding union membership is paramount to Bernie Sander's proposal. He plans to strengthen union membership and hold employers responsible who engage in the union-busting tactics along with raising wages and health benefits.


Without Congress, Bernie Sanders is proposing

  • An executive order to end any federal contracts where the employee or company is:
  • Earning less than $15.00 per hour and without benefits.
  • Pays executives more than 150 times than the average worker
  • Hires workers to fill in for striking employees
  • Closes business when the workers plan to vote for a union
  • Outsourcing jobs

Cannabis represents an essential opportunity for the labour movement. This movement has had its struggles over the decades in America. The vote for Cresco Labs was not the first time that unions have been introduced to the cannabis workspace in Illinois. Green Thumbs Industries opted out of joining the Teamsters union. The vote was 26-30.

With the recent victories of organized labour in the cannabis space, including MedMens's San Jose California location, Bernie Sanders's views on fair pay for fair work, including the cannabis industry is perhaps closer to being recognized now than ever before. Joe Rogan and others are hoping for the Bernie Sanders 2020 Presidential race to be a budding win because it would bring an important and necessary change to the cannabis industry.

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