Your first time weed experience

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:27 p.m. ET
What happens when you get high for the first time? 

 If you are wondering how weed is going to make you feel the first time you indulge let me help you set the record straight. It is a good idea to make sure you are in a safe environment with friends the first time you use marijuana. I will tell you that your method of consumption will have a large bearing on the feelings you will experience. There are several ways to consume weed; I will help you pick from a few of those methods. Smoking a joint is a very common way and perhaps will be the first way for you.

First time weed effects

There are a few things to be prepared for when partaking this way, the first thing I think you will notice is an irritated throat, red eyes and possibly a dry mouth.  Have a bottle of water handy to ease that feeling and maybe some eye drops for those red eyes. When you smoke weed the reaction is quick; you will feel relaxed and euphoric, or even that you have a great amount of energy and are focused. Those chips on the table taste great as you keep reaching for more. You may notice you can't stop talking you have become very philosophical. Your face may get sore from smiling.

There is a downsize in that some people will get a little paranoid feeling their first time. Don't worry; this is because the THC in weed can disrupt the balance of the receptors located in the brain, whose responsibility it is to control the responses to fear or stress. This overexcites the pathways in the brain and can cause a bit of paranoia.

first time smoking weed


Here is a way that you can make sure that won't be you, talk to the friends who’ve used pot before, let them know that this is your first time, they should guide you to the perfect strain. This will probably be an Indica strain.

No matter what method you choose, the type of strain will influence how you will feel.

You may want to try vaping as your first method of experiencing the high from weed. Good choice, smoother on the throat, perhaps not as intense as a joint. This method is not as harmful to your health, primarily your lungs.

You must be waiting patiently to hear how fabulous edibles will make you feel. There are so many choices of cannabis-infused food out there you may have a hard time picking which one to indulge in for your first time. Have fun in picking your edible — a word of caution my friend, edibles take time to react in your body. Thisis due to the way the body metabolizes THC. Be in no hurry to feel the effects relax and let the action happen. The timing could be from 30 mins to 1 hour, so be patient. Do not increase your consumption until you can think you can handle how you are going to feel. You do not want to have a bad first experience. Being greedy and impatient could do that to you. I'm sure by now you have decided what is going to be your inaugural voyage on the sea of green. Whatever way you choose, be responsible sit back and enjoy your trip.



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