Work meeting Zoom etiquette for stoners

Published Oct 21, 2021 11:00 a.m. ET
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Even after so many months of navigating this brand new digital normal, people have questions about what is and what isn’t acceptable during Zoom meetings. A work meeting that once happened in the formal setting of an office is now taking place in the comfort of our homes, which leaves us the freedom to reach for anything our heart desires on screen. The trouble is determining which things are acceptable, and one of the most controversial to date is cannabis.

Though we’d love to say that everyone should spark one up if it helps them to get through a boring work meeting, the reality is that we don’t all have that luxury. Some of us can get away with puffing away on a fatty while we chat business with the boss and our colleagues, but before anyone does, they should go over these three essential points first.

Consider your audience

Is this a laid-back work meeting with a few close workers? Will your boss be present, and is he or she stuck on formality? How do the people you work with or engage with for business feel about cannabis? Do you even know? You might want to ask them if you aren’t sure because the goal should be to ensure that everyone is comfortable with this new normal.

What is the task at hand?

Are you expected to take notes or make a presentation during this meeting? Will you have to surf the web and visit websites, following along with the group closely, or is it OK if you just sit back and take in the information for what it is? If your hands are going to be busy with work, then you might not want to distract yourself or others by holding a joint or breaking for hauls from a bong. On the other hand, if toking won’t interfere with your job, then there’s one less reason to enjoy this perk.

Ask your boss

In the end, as much as we’d like to hope it’s not true, our bosses have the final say and seeing as they control quite a bit from our hours to the money we bring home at the end of the week, it’s in our best interest to run anything new we want to try at work through them first. You’ll never know! They might shock you with encouragement. Of course, they could also say no, but there’s no way to know for sure until you try.

If you are going to smoke in Zoom meetings, then be sure to do these things

Even once you’re sure that the colleagues and boss are ok with you getting high on-screen, and you’re certain that it won’t negatively impact your responsibilities during this time, it’s important to follow some basic rules to keep interruptions to a minimum. After all, you’re lucky to have this privilege, so there’s no reason to waste it or ruin your company’s views of the practice for future employees.

1. Use a less distracting delivery method


You don’t want to be holding up a giant hookah or bong when you’re supposed to be looking at and visible through your screen, plus those things are likely to make you cough a bit too much which is never a good thing. Instead, consider more discreet options like joints or vaporizers, which can be set down for small breaks as needed.

2. Stick to strains and products that don’t make you cough

It might be easier said than done, but whenever possible, you’ll want to avoid strains, products, and methods of delivery that make you cough too much because no matter how hard you try, an episode like that is going to interrupt the work meeting. Save the lung shakers for the end of the day after clocking out, and you won’t regret the decision.

3. Mute the mic when a coughing fit takes hold

This one is part of regular Zoom etiquette because when there is a noise in the room of someone with an active mic, it can interrupt important conversations or presentations that are taking place. So, when you cough or use your water bong with a bubbly effect, make sure to turn off your mic. You might even want to turn your camera off for a moment to allow yourself enough time to recover. Just don’t take too long!

4. Keep water and Kleenex handy

Whether you’re toking during work meetings or the big game in the comfort of your living room, it’s going to make you hungry and thirsty, and there’s a high probability you’ll end up coughing at least a few times. If you want relief for dry mouth or watery eyes when they hit, then it’s best to start preparing with what you’ll need within reach, and two of those things should be water and Kleenex.

5. Use cannabis as a tool rather than a means of avoidance

As much as a lot of us would probably spend this time getting high or playing games, it’s important that consumers avoid using cannabis as a way to avoid interacting with others or distracting themselves. No one is going to approve of the use of something that doesn’t bring positivity to the workplace, so make sure to pay attention to all those around you.

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