Why you need to try a cannabis Christmas advent calendar

Published Nov 21, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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To some, it might seem a bit early to be thinking about the big holiday, but it’s just around the corner now. If you’re hoping to spruce things up by adding some cannabis to the mix this year with an adult advent calendar, then you’re going to need to start your search for the perfect option early. After all, December 1st is mere days away, which is when people everywhere will open the very first door on their box of Christmas treats.

Some grown-ups wonder if they’ve matured past the stage of truly enjoying a Christmas calendar, as the holiday, for the most part, centres around the kids, but that is precisely the reason why this is the perfect time to pamper yourself in preparation for the stressful season that is upon us. However, we know that some of you will need a bit more convincing to hop on board, which is why we wanted to share five reasons why we think, it’s more than worth the investment.

1. Fun

Do you remember the days when you were so excited to rip open your cheap advent calendar to reveal a tiny, chocolate-like square that was usually stamped with some Christmas themed image? It was such a small thing, but one that most of us looked forward to each year, and that fun doesn’t have to stop just because you’re now a responsible adult. A cannabis advent calendar can be loads of fun, even more so than any chocolate could ever compete with.

2. Excitement

The anticipation and fight you’ll feel are real, as the urge to tear open the next door hits as soon as you’ve done the first, and it’s going to take every bit of self-restraint you have to maintain your composure as you await the next surprise. One of the best parts about a cannabis Christmas calendar is that it brings that excitement back to the whole month of December. So while you might still be running around stressing about finding the perfect gifts, you’ll have a little treat of your own awaiting you each morning to help you cope.

3. Luxury

A traditional box of chocolates is one of the most commonly gifted presents at Christmas because it’s cheap, simple, and generic. Most people will at least eat what they find inside, but there is nothing more luxurious than getting or gifting an adult advent calendar that’s full of weed, or cool new stoner paraphernalia. It is a bit of an extra expense, but you’ll feel so incredibly spoiled as you take in each of your treasures because you’re likely to get high-quality products that you wouldn’t otherwise buy.


4. Stoner needs

Some Christmas calendar options are full to the brim with cannabis, but the majority hide something different behind each door. The occasional day might bring you a few grams of weed to take for a test run, but you’ll also find that by the end of the month, you’re quite stocked up on things like rolling papers, hemp wicks, grinders, and even pipes. That’s why many consumers invest in a cannabis advent calendar because it’s an effortless way to get tonnes of goodies that will last for months without having to make too many trips or decisions.

5. It’s personalizable and affordable

This kind of adult advent calendar can come at a high price, but that’s only if you’re looking at the most sought after options on the market. Overall, how much you pay will differ significantly depending on the results that you like, so there is almost guaranteed to be something that fits into your budget. Some companies offer cost-friendly options that start as low as $40, which is barely more than a dollar per day, whereas others go all out to include high-quality glass and other pricey items, so they charge upwards of $200 for the experience.

Where to buy a cannabis Christmas advent calendar

Like all things cannabis, you aren’t going to find these unique products at your local department store, but they are super easy to get if you know where to look. Some dispensaries offer their adult advent calendar, and if you don’t have luck there, then you can always order one online. Just don’t forget to take into account how long it will take for shipping so that you aren’t wasting time waiting for the postman.

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