Why so many parents are relying on the benefits of cannabis

Published Dec 1, 2020 12:00 p.m. ET
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Times are tough, everybody's stressed out, and we're eagerly awaiting the end to this separation. Mass lockdowns and heavy restrictions are wearing us down, and one of the most impacted people out of all of this are parents. As adults, we can make decisions for ourselves and rationalize the situation at hand. Still, once you throw kids into the mix, many of whom have been missing in-person classes and social activities, it's a recipe for disaster.


With so much stress on our shoulders, it's no wonder that so many parents are relying on the soothing benefits of cannabis, as they can wash away the tense anxiety so that we can focus on the challenges that lie ahead for the day. Cannabis can genuinely help parents be less stressed, which means more patience and a relaxed mood and environment, which can benefit both them and their kids.


One of the most commonly reported problems by parents is an inability to sleep well enough or for long enough to wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. This can make us irritable, groggy, and unable to focus, which can be a problem when you've got online classes to tend to, and kids who need a healthy meal before anyone can start their day. Some parents are using cannabis to help with this, as it can ease the transition from the wakeful world to a loss of consciousness.


Everyone has different parenting styles, but one thing that we'll all struggle with at some point or another is an effective way to manage pain. It could be from a running injury or horsing around too much with the kids, or any number of things, but it's inevitable, and when it happens, parents can't just lie around while they wait to heal. While personal care is still essential, sometimes, all parents need to keep pain managed is a bit of green alongside other coping skills such as exercise or physical therapy.

A different mindset

It can be easy to get caught up in the same old day to day routine, especially now when so much of what we used to spend our time doing has been taken away, pushing both parents and kids to reach for some semblance of normalcy. This change is uncomfortable, and it might be hard to stay motivated and inspired, but some parents are falling back on cannabis as a tool to help them get past that. It can improve mood and loosen you up enough to get silly with the kids and approach each day with a smile, making it a perfect solution for many parents.

A safe alternative

Back in the day, most parents would unwind with a cold glass of beer or wine at the end of each week, but modern parents have taken a different stance, which is likely because, over time, we've learned a lot more about the dangers of drinking, making cannabis a much safer, more appealing alternative. It won't leave parents completely inebriated, and it won't impact how they feel when they wake the next day, two essential qualities when you have small humans who will need you to be ready by then.

Does smoking weed make you a better parent?

Many parents agree that smoking weed, in general, helps them to be the best parent they can be, be it due to an avoidance of alcohol or other more addictive substances or thanks to the incredible benefits like a better night's sleep. This freshly sparked creativity allows them to enjoy this time as much as possible. It's true that the benefits of choosing cannabis are often positive for those who partake, but there are always those who fall outside of the realm of normal or healthy.

The exception to the rule

Cannabis, along with other coping skills, can help parents overcome the many challenges they will face along the way, but it's not always a great thing. If parents are using so much that they lack motivation, feeling depressed, or struggling to afford other necessities, then a change might be necessary. Moderation is key, and with the right mindset, cannabis does, for the most part, seem to help many parents to be the best versions of themselves.

Cannabis may help you to combat the stresses of online learning


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