Why hemp clothing should make a comeback

Published Dec 7, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Clothing today is made using a variety of different materials, with some of the most popular being cotton, polyester, and wool, and for special occasions, we break out silk and cashmere. Everyone has their preference, and each delivers an entirely unique look and feel. It’s not very often you’ll come across hemp clothing despite its ability to mimic the aesthetics and texture of nearly every other option on the market.

Some of this is due to the supply chain becoming so entrenched in the bottom line, that quality and the environment are sacrificed at every turn, but much of it really comes down to demand.

We at Cannabis Wiki believe that knowledge has the power to change all of that, a shift that must begin with consumers, and here we aim to help make that happen, by giving you five reasons why we think hemp clothing should become a staple as common as any other material for clothing.

1. Cruelty-free

Dedicated supporters and activists have long warned the public about the systematic cruelty that happens in the clothing industry, with cashmere, leather, fur, down, wool, and mohair being some of the largest perpetrators - all of which could end instantly if we all made the conscious choice to switch to hemp plants as a more sustainable source of materials.

2. It’s better for the planet

Creating most materials can be a costly process that entails the application of all kinds of chemicals, be it to the earth or on the clothes directly. Doing this is poisoning the environment, and so is the disposable way in which we treat our wardrobes. A cheap cotton shirt will rip and get tossed away within a year or two, ending up in a landfill where it could take decades to break down, leeching those chemicals we discussed earlier into the soil. Hemp clothing, on the other hand, takes nowhere near as long to degrade in the elements, even though it lasts so much longer than other materials.

3. Longer lasting


One of the main benefits of hemp clothing for consumers is that these items tend to outlast all the competition with ease. With a thicker texture, they won’t need to be replaced anywhere near as often, and it’s not because of the way the material breaks down. It all comes down to its durable nature.

4. Durability

If you’ve ever had the luxury of wearing a hemp shirt then you already know that they’re thicker and heavier duty than most common clothing materials, making it so they hold up to wear and tear that might destroy the alternatives. Rain or shine, these items are less prone to ripping, fading and other common issues that lead us to toss our clothing out.

5. It looks stylish

Hemp clothing can look every bit as stylish as any other material. Some people think these brands are mostly bland, beige, neutral colours that don’t provide a very bold look, but the truth is that if someone didn’t tell you, you wouldn’t even know the difference. Between hemp plastic and softer hemp materials, it’s easy to create a work of art for the body, without sacrificing aesthetics or quality.

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