Why grandparents are perfect cannabis companions

Published Nov 11, 2021 02:00 p.m. ET
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A lot of us toke with our peers, be it coworkers or friendly neighbors, but very few cannabis enthusiasts are confident enough to share their love for the plant with their oldest and most respected family members. In most cases, these people don’t ever voice their opinions on cannabis because they grew up and lived through a time where its use was far less socially acceptable, so it’s not uncommon for younger people to assume their grandparents would hate the idea, even though the truth is that getting high with our grandparents could be an enriching experience for both parties if only someone were brave enough to ask.

1. A lesson in history

You might think that you know all about the past based on dozens of classes and good grades on the subject, but there is nothing quite as brutally honest as a first-hand account, and there is no better place to get one than from our grandparents. Whether they’ve got terrifying war stories or unique tales to tell about cannabis culture long before you even existed, it can be an invaluable eye-opening and learning experience.

2. Health

One of the most amazing things about cannabis isn’t that it can get you high, it’s that it contains compounds that offer a wide range of health benefits that might do big things for our grandparents. Even if your grandparents are in the best of health, introducing them to THC or CBD could be just the boost they need to get rid of those irritating aches and pains, even if they just don’t know it yet. There is nothing more fulfilling than improving the quality of life of those we love the most, and for that reason alone, it’s worth a shot.

3. Bonding over old activities

It might seem strange, the thought of adding grandma or grandpa to your stoner circle. However, when you consider how interesting things seem to be when we’re high, it only makes sense to assume that their old school hobbies and activities would also be more fun than usual. You could listen to old records, knit a scarf, feed the birds, dig up some gardens, and bond over all of your grandparent's favourite activities and love every minute of it thanks to an innocent nudge from a buzz.

4. Open up lines of communication

Some of us are lucky enough to be really close to our grandparents, but it's not uncommon for there to be a big disconnect due to the massive differences between the generations, which leads many to assume there isn’t much in common to discuss. Most speak to their grandparents very little outside of big family get-togethers, and this is the perfect opportunity to fix that. Grandma might say no, but this simple request could open up lines of communication you never knew could exist.

5. Teaching moments

Our grandparents grew up through the thick of the war on drugs, exposed to Reefer Madness propaganda and other similar campaigns designed to demonize cannabis, so quite a few of them still aren’t sure what to believe. Younger more highly educated cannabis enthusiasts can help to erase the stigma by making the plant a happy topic of conversation and setting a good example that proves it’s a truly reasonable, safe, and beneficial substance of choice.

Your grandparents might not be interested in joining your stoner circle, but you might be surprised to find out the opposite, so either way, it’s well worth the risk to ask!

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