What to do when your other half doesn't like weed

Published Mar 7, 2020 02:00 p.m. ET
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Relationships are finicky things, and it’s important to handle some situations with care if you want to make it through a solution without winding up single. Cannabis is one of those taboo topics that many consumers have anxiety about mentioning to potential mates because you never really know where someone stands on the subject until they tell you, and even if you are clear about your love for the green, you could still wind up falling for someone who doesn’t smoke it.

The heart wants what it wants, and that often means someone who is completely different than ourselves, which is why it’s important to know how to handle this kind of discrepancy if it arises. If you are currently dating someone who doesn’t like that you smoke weed, you might want to check out these five helpful tips and tricks to keep the peace in what is often an uncomfortable situation.

1. Be honest

Rule number one of every successful relationship should always be to maintain honesty. Now, technically, it’s best to acknowledge the fact that you enjoy smoking cannabis long before you get attached, but even if you don’t, you should never lie about it. If your other half asks what you think of it, let them know, and if they know you toke but aren’t the fondest of you doing so, it’s still essential to be honest. This can help you to build trust, which may be enough for them to look past this one minor thing.

2. Listen

We love weed, your friends all like to toke, and you obviously enjoy it too, (otherwise you wouldn’t be here) and though it’s easy to get caught up in explaining yourself and your choices, especially when you are with someone that you care about, the best thing to always remember is to listen carefully and closely. Words are our way to convey everything clearly, and if your spouse has some concerns about your smoking habits, then it’s a good idea to hear them out.

In some cases, this is helped by asking simple questions like, “what makes you feel so uncomfortable with it?” This can help you to understand where they are coming from. You, of course, do not have to agree necessarily, but validating our other half's feelings is an excellent step in the right direction. Especially if you want the relationship to continue long term.

3. Explain why


We mentioned explaining in number two, but it’s actually listed as number three on this list and for a very good reason. Talking can help us to describe things like our feelings and experiences but listening to your partner whom you would like to make it work with, will take you a whole lot further if it’s done first. That way you can figure out what’s bothering them most and try to negotiate a happy medium that keeps all included parties happy, rather than launching into a list of reasons why you love it so much as a defense.

4. Avoid peer pressure

It really doesn’t matter what kind of substance is in question because peer pressure is never an acceptable behavior. Whether it’s a random stranger or someone that you are in a relationship with, pressuring a person to try something that they aren’t comfortable with is never a good idea, and in a relationship, it could be devastating for all parties involved. If you want your other half to accept the fact that you enjoy smoking weed, then it is equally important to recognize that they might not.

5. Respect personal boundaries

Once you get to know another person, it really doesn’t take long to learn a bit about them, and once you find out what it is that they dislike about cannabis, then it should be relatively easy to avoid uncomfortable situations. In some cases, this could be as easy as washing your hands, and wearing a nice scent, so that you don’t smell like a pungent plant, and in others, it could be as easy as keeping the smoke outdoors. Communication is key here, especially if you want to have success with a partner that doesn’t share your love for cannabis.

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