What it’s like going to a cannabis festival

Published Apr 12, 2019 11:00 a.m. ET

With marijuana legalization in full effect, there are hundreds of new 420-friendly events popping up dedicated to celebrating cannabis. So, what can you expect to find on your first excursion into the world of entertainment and weed? Well, we’re here to give you an idea of what is most frequently offered in some of the world’s largest cannabis festivals.

Marijuana use

It only makes sense that a Cannabis Festival would allow for marijuana use to some extent or another. Generally, project organizers select a space that will let visiting patrons enjoy some pot as they wander the grounds and take in the sites. The few that haven't got a space have gotten creative and offer suggestions on nearby safe spaces within walking distance instead.


Some of the world's most famous voices including singers, actors, and comedians have taken the stage at several different past Cannabis Festivals. Snoop Dogg is one of the most popular to win the crowds during the 420 events in Vancouver in 2017. No matter who will be there you are sure to enjoy the sounds of other cannabis loving artists that perform for these sorts of events.

Cannabis advocates

420 festivals began as a form of protest against the prohibition of cannabis and quickly evolved into a celebration of marijuana legalization in regions that have introduced legislation to decriminalize the drug. At one time cannabis advocates were the main and often only voice that would be heard among a crowd of hundreds of spectators cheering in agreement. Now that pot is legal; most cannabis advocates are focusing more on different ways we as people can influence future legislation to improve things like equal and fair access, and medicinal pricing for users. Expect to see at least a few well-known advocates making their rounds and spreading the good word around at future cannabis festivals.

Marijuana edibles competitions

One of the more exciting and hands on experiences that cannabis festivals usually have to offer is marijuana edibles competitions. The very best bakers in the world come together to show off their talent and have a panel of judges taste test and rate their product on a sliding scale. Some will even hand out samples to spectators so be on the lookout for a free grab bag.

Weed strains competitions

Growing cannabis is to many a form of art that is taken quite seriously at a competitive level. Some of the world's most potent marijuana strains were bred specifically for cannabis festivals. Want to be present when the next biggest strain is announced to the world? If so, then you should be there!

Cannabis devices


Cannabis festivals are filled to the brim with vendors, and you should expect to see many different product types to suit any need there. From bongs, weed pipes, and dabbers, to vaporizers, grinder and more. You will find it all at your next local Cannabis Festival. Some manufacturers travel from right across the world to showcase their products so expect to see a unique collection of items to choose from.

Corporate events

Corporate events are often misunderstood as some form of business dealings. Though they technically are, the point of the presence of cannabis companies at these festivals is to educate the public on products that they might have newly available and to connect with potential employees as they expand. IF you are looking for cannabis jobs, then the 420 festival is where you should be.

Educational events

These shows tend to be put on by manufacturers as well as specialists like doctors or nurses. The point of the addition is to lend an ear and a little advice to those who may be inexperienced with certainproducts or smoking devices. Some will even provide full on demonstrations so you can see some of the more complicated products and devices used yourself before choosing to invest in something.

Smoking competitions

These types of competitions are most often based on judging the potency, terpene profiles, size, and visual appeal of a particular weed strain that was bred solely for this event. They will not smoke pot until they can’t anymore, though that would be funny to see. Instead, they sample products from many different participants with a five-minute window and a drink of water between each to cleanse the palate. This is thought to be how some of the tastiest cannabis strains were born so pay attention to these winners for ideas to try in the future.

Rolling competitions

Joint rolling, blunt rolling, and pretty much any other type of rolling or creating you can think of is witnessed at cannabis festivals. Sometimes unique papers are used. Others the roll may be tested for burning ability, and sometimes they are timed and simply expected to look pretty. This is how the epicmarijuana leaf joint was created and watching for fun is a great way to pick up some handy cannabis rolling tips for yourself.

Remember, that even though this is a full rundown of some of the most popular attractions and experiences at a Cannabis Festivals right around the world, that doesn’t mean that everyone will offer the same things. Now that marijuana is legal, we should expect to see all kinds of new weed-related events that have never been done before. Check out the festival nearest you to find out precisely what you might be in for when during a visit.



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