What it really means to be a Cannabist

Published Aug 28, 2019 10:00 a.m. ET
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By definition, what is a Cannabist today?

Cannabist is a term that refers to a person whose affinity for cannabis, and its related products are viewed as enthusiastic. A Cannabist will also typically have knowledge on all thing’s cannabis at an expert level.

Sometimes this term is also used for a cannabist connoisseur. The person who knows what strains are Sativa or Indica. A person who knows what strains will help treat different ailments. The marijuana plant is everything that the cannabist is and surrounds themselves with daily.

The term cannabist is also used when describing a person as a marijuana geek.  The one who has more information about marijuana than anyone else you know and is probably always high.

In the past, a chronic user or a pot-head was often referred to as a Cannabist. This was the acquaintance that always looked high and walked with a smile on their face all day. On the other end of the definition, Cannabist can also be the term used for a person who hates cannabis.

All this being said about the word cannabist, does not include the definition of The Cannabist, Denver Post’s cannabis news site. The site began in December 2013 in Colorado. The original editor and founder worked with the site for a couple of years before advancing and promoting his company Grasslands.

The Cannabist covered all aspects of news in the cannabis culture. The distinctive approach taken in telling both sides of the journalistic story of cannabis was how The Cannabist presented itself.

The reporting of inaccurate THC levels in edibles along with pesticides used in the product did not go over well within the cannabis industry. However, the award-winning reports of children being assisted medically through the marijuana plants benefits was a high rating journalistic accomplishment.


Staff was slashed at The Cannabist at one point, and when Ricardo Baca, the original editor, and founder stepped down, it presented a loss in the cannabis journalistic environment. A four-month search ensued to replace him.

The marijuana plant and its health and recreational use is a newsworthy commodity today, and The Cannabist provided cannabis updates.  The coverage of events, marijuana strains, and pertinent news, and discussions were a vibrant part of the site. Legalization, to CBD health benefits, was also a prominent part of the Denver Posts, The Cannabist information site.

The uneventful staff change at the Denver Post for The Cannabist left the paper with the loss of an editorial team to give the site a voice.

“Can The Cannabist have a rebirth?” was the question that Bacca pondered when the news broke of the companies demise. Baca had investors interested in purchasing The Cannabist. The interested parties include investors from the cannabis industry, non-industry investors, and significant media players looking to invest. Baca had hoped that The Cannabist would be sold, and he believed in the brand and acknowledges the vital part The Cannabist plays in the cannabis industry.

Today, The Cannabist is a vibrant space where ideas, food, art, and news about cannabis is shared. From the home base in Denver, Colorado, recipes and medical cannabis news are presented daily, proving that The Canabist is the true definition of a Cannabist.

Cantheism  A religion centered around marijuana


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