What is cross faded?

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:29 p.m. ET
Have you ever been cross-faded? Do you know what it is? Alcohol and cannabis mixture done incorrectly can produce feelings and symptoms commonly known as crossfaded.

Symptoms of Being Drunk and High at the Same Time

 Why did I have that last drink? I should have stopped before I took another toke. I think I may vomit. These are words spoken from a person experiencing crossfading.

Two of the most commonly used intoxicants in North America today are alcohol and weed. When either alcohol or cannabis are used, they have different effects on us, either separate or combined.

Alcohol is a known suppressant to the central nervous system causing a considerable effect on motor skills. While cannabis primarily affects our cognitive skills, it is a psychoactive mood-altering drug.

The wrong combination of these two can result in some dangerous and unpleasant side-effects.

A cannabis induced sickness otherwise know as “greening out” is the result of the brain’s cannabinoid receptors being overstimulated by too much THC.

Drunk and High at the Same Time


The more alcohol consumed increases the chances of this happening. Although greening out is not fatal it comes with some very unpleasant side effects. Here are some of those, extreme anxiety, shaking, chills, vomiting, and the dreaded room spins.  Since these same side effects can happen when intoxicated with alcohol the addition of THC can multiply the effects.  

When consuming THC and alcohol, both are absorbed into the body, causing the blood vessels to dilate this can result in a drop in the blood pressure. When there is decreased blood flow in the brain, it can result in fainting. Keeping your balance can also be a problem. Alcohol in excess irritates the body system in general; the toxins build up in the body causing the body the need to purge. Here comes the vomiting.

Both alcohol and cannabis inhibit the transmission of glutamate a neurotransmitter. This neurotransmitter is linked to poor memory. Perhaps this is to blame for you not remembering what happened at the party. One should remember that alcohol can increase THC absorption twice as fast. Drinking before smoking doubles the effect of the THC in your system.

Let us not forget about other means of smoking cannabis while drinking.

If you choose to go the edible food way, remember that on average the edible’s effect cannot be felt for up to 1 hour. Keep this in mind, plan how you are going to indulge. Alcohol hits the system quickly. Perhaps one should take the edible, wait, relax and chat to your friends. Now that you are starting to feel the effect; you could enjoy your vodka shot, the effects of your shots will be quicker, and you will know how to monitor your drinking. Chasing the elusive perfect Cross-faded feeling risks the dreaded “greening out” effect.

We can agree that crossfaded is a very subjective term. Only you can identify the condition you are feeling from indulging in both marijuana and alcohol at the same time. Best to go to bed if you ingest too much! Put your foot on the ground to stop the room spinning and wait it out. Don’t give in to peer pressure! Be responsible and enjoy!



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