What does the smell of cannabis stick to when you smoke indoors?

Published Jan 13, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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Figuring how to get rid of smoke smell is no easy task, as it seems to stick to just about everything. Now, if you’re a toker who doesn’t mind cannabis smell, then all the more power to you, but if you’re like most, hosting guests like friends and family members on occasion, then a thorough cleaning is absolutely in order because they might not be so appreciative of the lingering scent.

If you want this job to be done quickly, effectively, and properly, then you’ll need to know where to focus your efforts, and that’s where this list comes in. Target all of these areas, and you’re sure to be left with a clean smelling room in no time!

1. Clothing

Unfortunately, all smoke including that which comes from cannabis clings terribly to clothing, and not just the items you leave lying around or hung on a wall. It can make it through dressers and into closets with ease, where it will sit and stay until you do something about it. Frequently worn clothing that’s washed regularly might not have this issue, but the wardrobe that is hidden could likely use a good cleaning, as it might be holding onto the smell of cannabis.

2. Drapes & blinds

Most flat, hard surfaces are washed or wiped down on the regular, so the scent of cannabis doesn’t linger there, but if you take a sniff of your curtains or blinds, you might be unpleasantly surprised to find that they hold onto everything. Material curtains should be washed several times each year, and blinds may be soaked in a cleaning solution to remove the pungent scent. The cannabis smell will be gone, and a squeaky clean one will linger in its absence.

3. Walls

Our walls go through so much, even though it might be hard to notice until you take a closer look, and smokers struggle more than anyone as the resin latches onto the surfaces over time. There’s no better way to freshen up the air in a room that’s been smoked in than with a good scrubbing of the walls, and usually, the improved aesthetics of the routine are a great payoff.

4. Carpets

These days, we’re turning more than ever to hardwood and laminate flooring
options because we know how much dander, dust, bacteria and plain grossness can hide away in those soft, fluffy fibres. Well, it’s not much better at letting go of cannabis smell, which is why it’s a great place to hit with a proper machine cleaner if you’re trying to get rid of the lingering stank in a room.

5. Bedding/furniture

Our couches, beds, chairs, and other household furniture are typically covered in thick layers of materials and stuffing, which offer the perfect place for smoke residue and smell to stick. Of course, you’re going to need more than a bit of elbow grease to thoroughly clean these things, as tools like spot and carpet cleaners become paramount. A quick rental and enough time to do a once over of all furniture are all you’ll need to get the place smelling great again.

Tools to help remove the smell

These tools will be helpful, although not all necessary, so feel free to go through them to decide which ones might work the best for you:

  • Foaming carpet spray
  • Carpet cleaner
  • Cannabis smell spray
  • Lemon or citrus-scented cleaners
  • Rags
  • Bucket
  • Water
  • Vinegar
  • Vacuum
  • Mop
All the different smells that can be produced by cannabis


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