What does being high feel like?

Published Jan 28, 2019 05:26 p.m. ET

 What kind of feelings will you experience while you are high? The answer to that question in part will depend on what strain of marijuana you choose. Everyone's experiences when partaking will be different. Oh yes, we may experience some similar feelings, ultimately though each person has their own unique feeling when using marijuana.

The method that you choose to partake will also provide different feelings when getting high. I'm going to talk about the high you may get when you smoke a joint.

When smoking a joint, the effects are usually felt quickly.

The strain that you choose also has a bearing on how you will feel when getting high.

Sativa will give you a heady, cerebral feeling, and the Indica strain may just put you in the couch, what is sometimes termed as a body stone.

What it’s like to be high

You may notice that your head feeling differently, lightheaded maybe a good way to describe it.

Your eyes are squinting, strange you may not have noticed any problems with your eyesight before partaking. Don’t worry its only temporary. So is the redness in your eyes.


That smile that is creeping up on your face is quickly changing into a full-blown belly laugh. Here is the thing, you may not remember what it is that is funny, but it sure is funny.

Those feelings in your tummy are hunger pain from munchies. Its time to hit the fridge or cupboard, wherever the snacks are hiding.

You are a little bit forgetful, but that’s ok we will just continue to keep laughing and reap the benefits of the best stomach workout you will probably have in days.

You are hoping this feeling continues, it is great but everyone at the gathering is leaving, and you need to go home yourself.

Things to do after smoking weed alone

Here you are at home alone what can you do?

Movies are a great way to kick back and relax with a little marijuana aid.  It can be hard to make a choice of what to do once your high. Being alone and buzzed is great, no one to take the remote and everything is your choice. I'm glad I remembered to stock the fridge with nice cool drinks. These are all things that you may want to do when you are alone and smoking a joint. It is a great time to be philosophical about all things around you. Things that were not that interesting have suddenly become a top priority to you. You may notice that talking to yourself is now a part of the evening. Ultimately don’t let being alone ruin your evening, enjoy the feeling of being high, relax and watch a movie, enjoy the munchies and when necessary perhaps light up another one and do it all over again. It can be great to be alone and high.  The sky is the limit in terms of what you can do.



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