What cannabis consumers really want

Published Aug 23, 2021 09:00 a.m. ET
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Federal legalization was supposed to give cannabis consumers everything they’d ever dreamed of, from classy and modern dispensaries to the ability to toke without fear of reprisal, but like most promises that seem too good to be true, things really didn’t turn out that way at all. To many, marijuana reform quickly became another way to control the people who enjoy it, and even those who are ok with a government foothold find that they want more.

We’re more than happy to get high in public and to relax at the end of a long day on our front porch with a big fat blunt in hand with not a care in the world. Still, we hope for, need, and deserve more.

1. Better selection

It took almost a year for simple edibles to make it to the Canadian cannabis market, and it’s going to take even longer for even more complex products to find their way onto dispensary shelves, but that’s not what consumers are most worried about. Instead, they want a better selection of pot products. One that includes a range of offerings that will suit the needs of every person, be it for recreational or medicinal purposes. We want a store we can go to with all the drinks, and all the strains we could imagine, and we’re tired of settling for less.

2. Fewer restrictions

The whole point of legalization was that it was supposed to take the criminal aspect out of weed, but all it seemed to do was complicate things even further. Now you can only have so much in your possession. Good luck with buying more than a 5-pack of cannabis beverages, and did we mention the insanely low limits that serve mainly canna-curious consumers over those who’ve spent their entire lives using them? These often arbitrary rules are endless and debilitating for both users and cannabis businesses, which is why we want to see an end to restrictions.

3. Education

There are many opportunities for those who want to further their education on cannabis for professional purposes, all of which work towards refining skills and more thorough education on all things green, but very few consumers feel like they have anywhere to turn outside of their local budtender for real reliable information. Instead of focusing on heavy-handed restrictions and enforcement, most would prefer to see a place come to be where real everyday people can learn more about this incredible product in a safe, reliable, and trustworthy space.

4. Transparency

We’ve got organic cannabis that’s been cultivated with a wide variety of toxic chemicals that most would never dream of adding to their own plants at home because they’re bad for our health, and we have no idea where most of the herb we buy actually comes from. Though it all seems to be out in the open, cannabis companies, brands, and products lack transparency, something that all consumers crave more of now that we know better.

5. Freedom

When it comes right down to it, we can talk about all of the individual things that cannabis enthusiasts would love to see, like 420-friendly businesses that welcome consumption and whole stores stocked full of the products they need, but all most herb lovers really want is freedom. Freedom to control the experience, freedom to choose, and most of all, freedom to indulge in the benefits of cannabis in any way they see fit, rather than the select few avenues that are currently offered.

A sustainable future Hemp could replace all these things and more


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