Weed related travel in Canada

Published Jan 25, 2019 04:27 p.m. ET

 Looking for a perfect stoner weed experience without leaving Canada? Well, look no further. Since Legalization is relatively new, most places listed here will not provide cannabis yet though that may change with laws ever evolving. Whether you're looking for a cute little weed cafe or a larger group event we’ve got you covered with our list of some of the most unique pot-friendly experiences that you can indulge in right now. From Vancouver to Toronto/GTA and Montreal these are the most raved about destinations that are sure to impress.


1. The New Amsterdam Cafe
The Amsterdam Cafe opened its doors in 2000 and has maintained its reputation of being North America’s number one smoke friendly cafe. Located at 301 West Hastings Street in Vancouver you will find the ultimate stoner experience here. From delicious lattes and coffee to freshly baked muffins, cakes and pies. Their menu covers every item we could hope for except for dried cannabis. Due to laws surrounding marijuana in Vancouver, the cafe cannot sell cannabis-infused products. What they can do is offer an inviting place that caters to stoners everywhere. After enjoying a coffee in the warm cafe, you can browse through the full range of clothing products and other weed related accessories for the perfect souvenir. A must see for locals and tourists alike. Must be over 18 to enter.

2. Vancouver Pot Block Tour
Located on West Hastings Street is the 300 block which is most commonly referred to as the “pot block” of Vancouver. The area contains the New Amsterdam Cafe, the headquarters of the infamous Cannabis Culture Magazine, the Marijuana Party of Canada’s head office, and a small herb museum that will provide dried marijuana to smoke and the vaporizers to burn it with while taking in the extensive history of cannabis in Canada. Within the area is also a Toker Lounge and the Vancouver Seed Bank. The Tokers Lounge offers classes and tips for those wanting to learn how to grow their own cannabis, and the bank offers one of the most extensive selections of seeds in Canada. This tour can be completed on your own, but for those who want a more personal experience, you can hire Kiwi Kush who offers individual tours at a cost that depends on the length of visit you want. The Vancouver pot block offers hundreds of different experiences and includes more storefronts than most people have ever seen within a half hour stroll. If you are looking for the ultimate stoner experience that offers a historical aspect with the bonus of smoking on site then this is the spot for you.


1. The Tam Tam
Weekly throughout the summer, a pot-friendly event is hosted at the Mount Royal. The Tam Tam is essentially a large group of 420 friendly folks who form an enormous drum circle surrounding the George-Etienne Cartier Monument. Instruments are not required to enjoy this event but of course are always welcome. You will find hundreds and sometimes even thousands of dancers, drummers, artists, artisan vendors and a giant medieval fantasy RPG arena where everyone is welcome. Unfortunately, you will not find pot vendors at this event, so it’s BYOW (bring your own weed), but word is if you go empty handed chances are you will find someone willing to share. With a bit of something for everyone, this event is the most attended of any weed-friendly event in all of Montreal.

2. QueBud Cafe
We all know Montreal for its reputation of large numbers of small cozy coffee shops, but this Montreal weed cafe has something none of the rest do. When you first walk in the door, you are greeted by bright paintings of marijuana buds and plants. The atmosphere is full of pump upbeat music catering more to younger crowds. This cafe goes all out. From fancy 420 friendly decorated cups to the beautiful artwork on the walls and the bubbly staff is enough to make anyone feel at ease. The QueBud Cafe does not sell cannabis or marijuana-infused products, but they do offer a safe space in the form of an outdoor patio that allows anyone to smoke or vape.



1. The Green Chef
The Green Chef is a catering company that provides high-end cuisine infused with cannabis in the comfort of your own home. They provide the chef, waitstaff, and delicious home cooked meals that are prepared with only the freshest ingredients entirely from scratch. Perfect for a small dinner in or hosting parties. The Green Chef is one of the best smoking options in Toronto. Catering to residents of the Toronto/GTA area. Their deluxe standard event package includes a starter cocktail, soup, main course, appetizers, desserts or cotton candy table, dab bar, and take-home edibles. The Green Chef offers a unique experience that can be personalized to suit anyone tastes with several different meal plans, a price range that makes them affordable and competitive caterers suited to any event.

2. The HotBox Cafe
This charming little coffee shop in Kensington market in the heart of downtown Toronto has had some incredible reviews. They offer a huge menu of specialty coffee and tea with a cozy little outdoor patio where you can smoke or vape to your heart's desire while taking in the view. They are one of the best smoke spots in Toronto. Unfortunately, they don’t sell marijuana or cannabis-infused products, but they do offer a rental program which is a Volcano Vaporizer that can be used during your stay for $20. With weed related decor everywhere and a relaxed atmosphere filled with music and laughs, this is the ultimate place to enjoy a cannabis-friendly coffee date.

3. Cannabis Consumer Expo
The cannabis consumer expo is an event that happens annually. This year it took place on Friday, November 2, 2018, with tickets costing $80 each to attend. This is a great place to mingle and learn about various options and benefits of consuming marijuana products. Hundreds of exhibits, business seminars, and business opportunities are available here. Every year the expos attendance grows and with higher attendance comes more to see. This is your chance to meet cannabis industry experts who are available to answer any questions you may have. Best to come equipped with a camera and notepad. Even the most seasoned users will learn new things here.


1. The Village - Brentwood’s Lifestyle Center
The Village is the only facility of its kind that is entirely dedicated to providing a fresh accepting atmosphere for anyone in Calgary. The Village is a community that brings together like-minded people, businesses and organizations. While the village itself doesn’t have a consistently open storefront, they do host a variety of events like the upcoming Mingle & Jingle. Tourists may want to attend a more hyped up event as this one is to cover and offer suggestions for events that will be happening soon. The Village is the most prominent host and provider of some of the largest 420 friendly events in the area so if you are thinking of spending time in the area check out their events schedule for some exciting ideas of things to do.

2. 420 Music and Arts Festival of 2019
The festival will be held next year from Thursday, April 18, 2019, to Sunday, April 21, 2019. While the complete lineup has yet to be released, so far, they have promised some returning longtime fan favorites such as HERON, Mammoth Grove, Brown Dwarf, The Grudge, Bort, Shadow Weaver and more. With bands, comics, and a variety of talented artists hitting the stage every couple of hours this festival has something for everyone. Enjoy the freedom to smoke or vape as you please while taking in some of our country's most talented performers. Shop a variety of different vendors who sell everything from dried herb and snacks to cannabis accessories like clothing and grinders. This event is going to be huge. If you like the crowds and the loud music, then you should check it out. The event will be in the heart of Calgary and is a must-have experience for tourists and residents alike.



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