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Published Mar 31, 2021 12:00 p.m. ET
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The pandemic has changed just about everything, from how we interact with friends and family to how we choose to get away from it all while staying confined to our home country or province. Travel restrictions seem to do nothing but get tighter, and the only thing we can really rely on is going to work and then coming home again each day, that is if we’re one of the lucky ones with employment unaffected by this sudden global crisis.

We’ve got arrows in grocery stores, people attacking us the moment we enter any venue with a bottle of sanitizer, masks in nearly every public or shared space, and strict social distancing and gathering limits that are ever-changing while still lingering.

Life just isn’t the same anymore for anyone, and it’s natural that it’s getting some of us down. Since we’re partial and closest to some of those who struggle in the green space, we thought we’d take a moment to ignite a glimmer of hope among those who need it the most by reminiscing about some of the best times we’ve had while we wait to get back to it all.

1. Sharing a joint with a circle of friends

A stoner circle is a rite of passage, an essential step of initiation, and one of the most appealing facts of cannabis life. The media portrays this time as a ritual of bonding, those who have lived it can attest to the truth in this stereotype. There is something about sharing a big fat blunt within an intimate circle of friends that can bring you closer together, and a lot of cannabis enthusiasts are really missing that.

2. Cannabis industry events

Many view cannabis industry events as a thing for entrepreneurs and businesses, but the reality is that these places are often well suited to the average user who wants to learn, and even when they’re not, they’re full of people who are working to make this new legal world as big, enjoyable, and successful as possible. Without them, there’s just a lot less action on the green market, and it shows.

3. Sniff jars

Just before the pandemic swept its way across North America, the cannabis industry saw record growth that was and still is unstoppable. This made it so that dispensaries were far more widely available, sparking a motivation to be competitive and to offer an interactive, more personal experience that could build trust. Sniff jars were borne from this drive to recreate the familiarity of pre-legalization purchases, but they were stolen back just as quickly due to COVID-19.

4. Showing off a crop

With some surveys estimating that approximately 50% of all cannabis users grow at home, it’s no surprise that so many of us are missing out on the potential that can come from sharing this experience. Of course, we all want bragging rights, but there is something intimate about inviting a friend into your grow room, and unfortunately, since these spaces are often small, it’s something most are avoiding because of the pandemic.

5. 420

Last year, 420 events all over the globe were cancelled, indefinitely postponed, or moved to online platforms to keep attendees and participants safe. Public gathering limits were strict, and a lot of us spent that time worrying about what this meant for our future instead of celebrating our second year of legal cannabis on 420. After this length of being shut off from the world, we’re all just craving some time with like-minded people, something that this holiday is notorious for providing.

6. Impromptu dinner dates brought on by the munchies

Remember the good old days when we could hang out with a bunch of friends, get high, and then follow up the social call with some of the best meals you’ve ever eaten at a restaurant? Cannabis is the perfect tool to bring on an appetite, and restaurants used to be a great place to go to fulfill cravings with no effort at all. Unfortunately, with indoor dining insanely limited or shuttered completely, we’re all left waiting for the day we can go back to that.

7. A little friendly competition

We’ve all been there, be it a rolling competition to see who can twist up the perfect blunt or smoke-offs, where we get to see what everyone’s lungs are made of. Though these things might feel like a distant memory, they’re a lot of fun and something that most cannabis enthusiasts enjoy from time to time. For now, we can do this virtually, but we can’t wait to party and compete hard with all of our friends again.

8. That feeling you get after smoking several different types of weed

Stoner circles are incredible places where some amazing magic can happen, and not just for your relationships. The bigger the better, and anyone who has ever done this knows exactly what we mean because each person brings to the table their own product. This could provide the opportunity to smoke 2-4-6-or even 10 different types of weed or derivatives all in one sitting, which is going to pack one heckuva punch that is rarely recreated any other way.

9. Free lighters! (Or lost ones)

Cannabis enthusiasts who enjoy smoking are always sharing lighters, but they’re also always forgetting, swapping, or setting them down in strange places that are quickly forgotten. For this reason, one or two people in each group will usually end up with either someone else's lighter or several lighters providing the perfect excuse to get together soon. Some still have lighters that aren’t theirs from before all this started, and they wait to jump on the chance to return it, starting the circle of lighter tag once more.

10. Forcing change

These last several months have been quite active on the political forefront; with the election in the United States and legalization measures popping up on nearly every front, it’s an exciting time despite the pandemic. Still, it’s the people who triggered this shift towards positive change in the first place, and the longer we’re forced to avoid gathering, educating, and just, in general, being heard, the more we see the trend losing steam, and most of us can’t wait to get back out there.

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