Recommended strains to listen to music with

Published Mar 6, 2019 03:18 p.m. ET
Select your playlist and choose your method of indulging. No matter which way you choose your sure to have a great time. Enjoy and turn up the tunes!

Cannabis stimulates areas of the brain responsible for auditory and visual stimulation. No wonder music and cannabis are intertwined. Both are responsible for activating the reward and pleasure systems within your brain. When this happens at the same time, you are reinforcing two enticing systems. This can lead to people reporting all kinds of effects. People have even reported to “actually see the notes” of the music they are listening to.

You have noticed that you can recall lyrics while indulging, you know them all, rhythms sound even better and you sure know the different sounds that are pleasing your ears? Marijuana does not change the music. It changes the way we perceive the music.

Marijuana is great for relieving stress; music does that too.

Listening to music while high

You hear the music note by note, forget about what you just heard or even what's coming up. Right now, its all about the sound. Time is perceived as going slower your ability to hear these notes is fined tuned. Our internal clock is forced to speed up when indulging the herb; this enables the “real world” time to pass slower.

So now we know the simple reasons why these tunes sound so good, as I pass the joint.  Let's look at some strains that are just the ones you are looking for. Music is the priority here. You want to hear every note and sound; these strains will do just that for you, my friend.

Space Queen,a sativa strain, is going to make you want to get up and dance. The music is sounding powerful you can't keep still.


If you haven’t had the chance to practice your favorite instrument, don’t worry, practice now and it will sound fantastic thanks to that Capitalizer strain.

So, you only have an air guitar, don’t worry while vaping your OG Platinum you won't care. It is all about the sound, and you can hear it right after the first hit.

To really enjoy your music, you need to be in a happy energizing mood that will enhance those melodic sounds, here come SuperLemon Haze lets join the party the music sounds great.

Don’t be afraid of the Indica dominant strain Rockstar; you're heading out to listen to some great music your not going to be couch-bound like some Indica strains can do. No, my friend, if you are out to hear some great tunes, this strain will help you get out there.

I've mentioned a few different reasons for music sounding so good, the euphoric feelings of you being connected to the music and indeed the musicians that wrote and performed the music. THC and its ability to stimulate your brain’s pleasure centers are a great reason to partake while listening to your favorite tracks. Marijuana keeps you attuned to the moment while listening and appreciating my music.



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