Using cannabis to elevate your New Year’s celebrations

Published Dec 31, 2022 10:00 a.m. ET
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With so many fantastic holidays to celebrate it’s normal to feel a little tired and out of ideas by the time New Year’s comes around, but that’s no reason to let it pass without a proper party. Besides, it only comes once a year, so you’ll have plenty of time to sit back and relax afterward, and we’ll even make it easy for you by delivering this complete list of cannabis-related suggestions. All you need is a handful of them, and your New Year’s party will be the one everyone is raving about for months to come.


It’s tradition to serve alcohol to guests at this time of the year, but what if you decided to do things a little bit differently by offering cannabis drinks instead? Cocktails, juice, pop, coffee, tea, and everything in between can be infused if your heart desires, making it easy to provide a whole menu of options for this year’s celebration.


Cannabis drinks are certainly a popular option this year, but nothing hits home quite like some good old-fashioned edibles, and they’re really easy to make, even with minimal culinary experience. Whip up some brownies or cookies, toss together some medicated gravy or dip, or go all out to create a fully cannabis-infused menu using all of your favourite traditional recipes as a base to explore.


Smoking is still the most popular method of consuming cannabis, and as such it’s going to be one of the most popular offerings at your 420-friendly New Year’s celebration. Of course, not everyone is comfortable with inhaling smoke, but those that enjoy it would also appreciate things like a rolling station, accessible papers, lighters, and ashtrays. If you want to really go the extra mile, then providing some delightful strains for your guests to try is a really nice bonus that will not go unnoticed.



There are so many fun ways to pass the time that are cannabis inspired or related. We’ve got several ideas right here, and the truth is that just about any drinking game can be turned into a 420-friendly challenge that’s perfect for enthusiasts. If you don’t want to use your imagination, then it may be time to turn to store-bought board games, which is just another thing we’ve covered on more than one occasion just for you!


How about a hotboxing challenge, or seeing just how many bowls your friends can take before tapping out? You could try joint rolling competitions, bong-creating races, or bring out your guest's artistic side by asking them to roll a joint into a certain shape to theme match for the holidays. Of course, we still highly encourage safe and responsible consumption, so be sure your attendees can handle the heat, and keep the peer pressure to a minimum so that only those who are comfortable will partake.


You can arrange games, and set up competitions, but what about good old-fashioned entertainment that allows both the host and guests to sit back, relax, and laugh? Cannabis comedies can do just that, and there’s no shortage of movies and specials to accommodate a 420-friendly crowd. Then there’s weed music, of which there is plenty, and now you’ve even got less tacky options, like cooking shows that are dedicated to experimenting with the plant. Take your pick, and let the entertainers take a load off you this New Year.

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