How to use terpenes to enhance your marijuana experience

Published Sep 9, 2019 09:00 a.m. ET
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What are terpenes?  

THC, CBD and all marijuana terpenes are naturally produced elements of the cannabis plant. As we learn more about the cannabis species, we are finding more components of the plant to use and learn about.  Cannabis terpenes are an intricate part of the beautiful aromatic plant.

Cannabis terpenes provide that pleasant aroma that you enjoy when you light a joint bowl or vape, and a large portion of what keeps many consumers coming back for more and they come in several different scents. The terpene oils interact with the cannabinoids in cannabis and produce different therapeutic effects. Terpenes are potent and should be used sparingly, especially if you are new to the added cannabis experience.

Some people like to look at terpenes as the personality of cannabis, as adding terpenes to your weed is a pretty simple process, and it allows you to experiment with different aroma combinations that will benefit you. Try adding 0.2 millimeters to the bowl of your pipe or start out by using two drops of terpene oil per gram of weed when rolling your favorite strain of marijuana.

A few of the most popular marijuana terpenes

  1. Myrcene is not only found in high quantities in mango fruit but is is also in lemongrass. Myrcene in cannabis is the reason for the freshly turned soil smell, the ripe fruit aroma, and an earthy musk. If you are looking for a relaxing feeling with a sedative overtone look for myrcene scented cannabis. The medicinal qualities include anti-carcinogenic characteristics and the ability to fight inflammation. Look for the strain Blue Dream if its myrcene you are looking for.

  • Limonene is in most citric fruits you eat which is why so many strains come paired with lemon or orange scents. The aromatic qualities of limonene ensure that stress is melted away and your mood is brightened. The cancer-fighting powers of this element help in dealing with inflammation. The cannabis terpene limonene also helps in the absorption of other terpenes. As a bonus, this terpene can be beneficial for fighting fungus and bacterial issues. The Sour Diesel strain is high in Limonene.

  • Caryophyllene is abundant in green veggies, rosemary, and oregano. For fighting depression, this is the terpene perfect. The pleasant peppery overtones are similar to that of black pepper and cloves, and this amazing terpene is a better pain reliever than Tylenol. Look for the Northern Lights strain if you think that you might benefit from this marijuana terpene.

  • Linalool is very good at reducing arthritic symptoms and is the perfect aid for sore joints. The positive effects for mental health issues and its anti-psychotic abilities make this terpene and its sedative effects most often found in Indica dominant strains. Beautiful aromatic scents of sweet flowers and lavender permeate the air when linalool is around. This terpene is naturally found in rosemary and sage herbs along with pine trees and confiders. Look for the strain Kosher Kush for a boost of Linalool.

  • Today we know of more than 100 terpenes that have been identified in the cannabis plant. Take time to smell your herb and to pick the strain that fits your particular needs.

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